Get to know Basaksehir Hospital, the leading hospital in the world of medicine

Get to know Basaksehir Hospital, the leading hospital in the world of medicine

Get to know Basaksehir Hospital, the leading hospital in the world of medicine
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Today, Turkey is distinguished by the fact that it was able to obtain an advanced rank in its medical sector at the global level based on many of the policies that it followed in its formation. As a result, today, it owns the largest huge medical city equipped with the best technologies and necessary means, which makes it a unique legend. But who is this city? ? What are its most important details? And what makes them such a distinction that they are today?


Basaksehir Medical City and everything related to it can be found in the following article:

The outlines of Basaksehir Medical City:

At the outset, we must know that this hospital took its name from the area in which it is located in Istanbul. It is one of the most prominent landmarks of the renaissance that Turkey has made in its medical sector. It did not pass much of its existence as it was opened last year only after construction that continued for four consecutive years. During this short period, it was able to form a name among the most critical medical cities and hospitals around the world. Such a tower in Turkey indicates competition for the most important European countries. Its prominent geographical location distinguishes it as fantastic views as places and locations surrounding it. Distinctive.


What are the points that distinguished the medical city in Basaksehir?

1- It was designed and constructed according to international standards and plans for building and construction, and it occupies an area of ​​twenty-one thousand square meters.

2- It is distinguished by its multiple specializations, reaching eight specialties: the Department of Obstetrics / Pediatrics / Malignant Tumors / Neurology / Cardiology / Orthopedics / Psychiatry / Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

3- It has a capacity of two thousand and six hundred beds distributed among the departments we mentioned. Since it is on this site, it will need about nine thousand employees in all its medical and administrative vacancies.

4- About ninety-five thousand tons of iron were used in its construction, and this is the same plan used in constructing the Eiffel Tower in France.

5- Its construction method is also resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters if they occur. It also brought in the latest medical equipment and radiology equipment, supplied them to laboratories and examination rooms, and even brought in an automated robot to perform some surgeries.

6- This city is distinguished from other medical centers in Turkey because it contains many recovery beds, numbered about four hundred and fifty-six. In contrast, in any other place, it will not exceed the number of thirty.

7- The operating rooms have several ninety rooms, including five thousand laboratories for conducting analyzes.

8- It provides everyone who works in this city and everyone who comes to it, whether workers or patients, a place to park their cars, as the car park can accommodate more than 8100 cars.

9- It can receive thirty-five thousand daily patients, including seven thousand ambulance cases. It also operates according to environmentally friendly systems. It also has three helipads for helicopters in the event of emergency cases coming from outside the city or from outside Turkey.


What is the positive reflection of the city of Basaksehir on the city of Istanbul?

Indeed, a development project like the one we are about to discuss will positively impact many sectors in Turkey. In the beginning, the demand for foreign real estate investments has increased in the area where the hospital is located, and it has also strengthened the infrastructure in the city in general. We must mention that it had a hand in the rise in real estate prices in the Basaksehir area... Its presence was positive, not only for the medical sector but for various other sectors.

At the end of this article, we will have a broad idea about everything related to the medical city in Başakşehir, its features, and the results obtained by the city of Istanbul in particular and Turkey in general from its existence... Is it a successful idea?



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