Pay attention to these tips when granting a real estate agency

Pay attention to these tips when granting a real estate agency

Pay attention to these tips when granting a real estate agency
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Due to the boom in the real estate market in Turkey and the variety of real estate options in it from ordinary apartments to villas, residential complexes, and hotel apartments, Arab and foreign investors from all over the world have begun to transfer their investments to Turkey and establish modern and distinctive real estate projects that generate abundant profit for them.

Certainly, not all investors can permanently reside in Turkey due to the nature of their work and their need for constant mobility to follow their business and projects in other countries, and this is what prompts them to ask about ways through which they can manage their properties and complete real estate deals without the need for their presence in person. So through the real estate agency, what does it mean? And how do you get them? And what are the caveats related to it? All this and more, we will learn about it in the next article.


Definition of real estate agency:
It is a method used by a large number of investors to shorten the time and avoid the continuous and cumbersome trips to Turkey for the procedures of buying the property and transferring the ownership, and through this agency, the agent has the full authority to represent you in front of all the judicial authorities and for all legal affairs Certainly, all the procedures are under the responsibility of the person who authorized the agency, so it is necessary to deal with professional and reliable agents, and there is no doubt that the real estate agency reduces the investor a lot of effort.


Important points and tips that you should pay attention to when granting a real estate agency:
Certainly, the real estate agency carries great responsibilities and multiple powers that are granted to the agent. Therefore, great care must be taken when performing the mandate of someone, as he must be honest, honest, and able to bear such responsibility. Therefore, many investors resort to Dealing with people with whom they are related by kinship or friendship, or it is also possible to deal with one of the well-known lawyers in the field of real estate consultants specializing in real estate.
One of the necessary things that must be paid attention to when writing a real estate agency document is that all matters entrusted to the client to the agent are detailed and written clearly and explicitly so that the principal is not granted additional powers without knowing this and to ensure that no problems or confusion occur For data.

Documents necessary to complete the power of attorney process:
Initially, the real estate agent is registered with an office belonging to the notary, and these offices are spread all over Turkey.

As for foreign investors, they need a sworn translator registered with the Turkish government, as no translator can be brought, and the personal information on the identity card or passport must be written down.


Some frequently asked questions regarding power of attorney:
Q: How does the power of attorney process work?

A: You can go to any notary with the necessary documents, where the notary prepares the document and the certified translator translates all the details and information contained in the document, and then the two parties sign and pay the fees due and obtain the receipts.


Q: What is the costs involved in the power of attorney process:

A: The cost of any power of attorney depends mainly on the information written in it, as there are certain prices for each notary according to numbers, words, and letters, and the cost is calculated after completing the writing of the real estate agency.


Q: Is it possible to extract a real estate agent if the person is outside Turkish territory?

A: Certainly, this can be done in two ways:

Either by making an appointment with the Turkish consulate in the country in which you reside and then you can extract the power of attorney and send it to the agent in Turkish territory.

Or if you reside in one of the countries that have a ratification agreement with Turkey, you can extract the power of attorney at any notary in the country in which you reside and take it to the relevant government offices to be certified and after that, it is transferred to Turkey to be translated and notarized.


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