Why do investors prefer buying real estate in Istanbul?

Why do investors prefer buying real estate in Istanbul?

Why do investors prefer buying real estate in Istanbul?
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The successful investor is the one who is looking for a place for his investment, through which he can achieve the success he plans for, and when he chooses Turkey as a home for his investment, he must be careful to choose the city and the secured location because time is not in his favor until he experiences losing experiences, and the city of Istanbul is the choice of smart people as it is an integrated city From all sides, the best real estate investment results can be obtained from the... But what are the advantages of investing in it? Is it super alluring?

The following article will determine the answers to these questions .... You can continue.


Why is buying real estate in Istanbul considered an opportunity that all investors are looking for?

1- At the outset, we must know that Istanbul is a central city in Turkey and is the economic capital, so the attention of the Turkish government to it will be different from the rest of the Turkish cities, and therefore the investor will receive part of these privileges.

2- Its infrastructure is also distinctive, as development projects abound strikingly, and every year it witnesses an increase, for example, last year, two important projects were announced, namely the new Istanbul Airport and the Medical City in Basaksehir. .. These projects will have a significant impact on the real estate situation in Istanbul in general and the surrounding area in particular.

3- The geographical location of that city also has a very important role in attracting investment to it, as it is located on two important continents, Asian and European, which makes it enjoy the advantages of the two continents.

4- The city of Istanbul is what tourists usually mean, as it is known for its antiquity and originality. It has many historical and archaeological monuments scattered everywhere, in addition to that it contains a variety of different natural manifestations .... All these details make the real estate investment opportunity High .... Since when the tourism factor is present, he finds real estate success.

5- Also, this city has its real estate sector that carries several diversities, which makes the investor confidence that he will find what he is looking for.

6- The Turkish government pays special attention to investors. It was not rejecting their presence as other countries did, so it allowed them to own what they liked of real estate within certain rules and conditions. For example, they were not entitled to own more than thirty hectares throughout Turkey, and this is on the principle of justice and equality among all foreigners.

7- The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship. This rule does not apply to real estate that is located in Istanbul only, but to all Turkish cities. If the price of the property is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, the owner has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

8- We can also consider that the prices of its real estate are acceptable if it is compared with real estate prices in other countries such as Europe, for example, as the latter is difficult to be chosen for real estate investment, where the harsh conditions and high taxes and so on are many details.

9- The most preferred real estate investment in Istanbul are the Arabs, especially those with Gulf nationalities. Based on that, we have today in Istanbul an area called the Arab region, which is the famous Bashak, and there is the Mall of Arabia, which is the Istanbul Jewels Mall, and there is the Arab Street, which is Yusuf Pasha Street Which includes many Arabic restaurants.

10- This city includes a diverse service package, as it abounds in shopping centers such as malls, medical centers, and educational institutions, the latter of which are international, and transportation lines and highways all contribute to the success of any real estate investment.

All these details that we brought about the city of Istanbul accurately explain to us what is the preferred place by real estate investors around the world... It was never a traditional place, but rather managed to be exemplary... But you find an indication that these components that Istanbul owns It does not emphasize the inevitable success of real estate investment, but it is an aid to achieve success, especially if it is built on sound foundations.


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