Studio apartments in Turkey and their features

Studio apartments in Turkey and their features

Studio apartments in Turkey and their features
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The Turkish real estate market includes a lot of options regarding apartments and real estate in Turkey, and perhaps this was the reason for attracting various community groups to reside in Turkey, as you can find everything that comes to your mind from old traditional homes to residential complexes, luxury villas, and modern smart apartments. And cutting edge.

Before searching for a property in Turkey, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of each type of apartment and real estate to choose the most suitable for you, and for this, we will talk in our article about studio apartments in Turkey with mentioning their features and specifications.


How are studio apartments different from regular apartments?
Studio apartments are known all over the world, as they are not limited to Turkey only. As for their basic features, they are distinguished by their small area, ranging from 35 to 75 square meters only, and therefore they are intended for the residence of a single person or two and maybe suitable for a small family that does not have anything. It is enough to buy an apartment in Turkey and you do not want to continue paying the burdensome rents.


The structure of studio apartments in Turkey:
Studio apartments all over the world have one specific structure and differ greatly from regular apartments, as it is obvious that studio apartments do not have all the advantages offered by regular apartments because there is not enough space for this, and that is why there are no separate rooms for sitting and sleeping in these apartments. It is an open space, i.e. connected rooms are designated for sleeping and spending time, and a small kitchen is attached to it that contains the essentials of a refrigerator, a washing machine, and an oven. It is also possible to separate the rooms with a curtain or a door for added privacy.

Furniture must be carefully selected when dealing with studio apartments, so it is not possible to choose expensive or decorative pieces because it does not suit the general atmosphere of these apartments and therefore it is better to choose practical pieces that are comfortable to the eye and are used for more than one purpose simultaneously and that To preserve the space and utilize it as much as possible, it is also necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness and arrangement of the apartment in a great way so as not to give a messy look.


The features that can be obtained when choosing studio apartments in Turkey:
There must be many features in studio apartments to receive this great popularity and perhaps the most important of these features are the prices of apartments of this style, which are cheap when compared with other types, and therefore many people want to choose studio apartments instead of buying an apartment in installments or renting real estate. And spend days paying the rent.

Also, this type of apartment greatly attracts students, especially students coming from outside the country to study within Turkish universities, as it provides them with a place to stay comfortable with a sense of independence and reassurance instead of staying within the university housing, which may not be comfortable for some.

And it is not just students, but there are a large number of foreign workers and businessmen who prefer this type of apartment instead of staying in hotels and paying big money, as studio apartments provide them with comfort after long work without the need to spend a lot of money.

These apartments are excellent for the elderly, who may have difficulty caring for apartments with large areas in terms of cleaning and transportation, and therefore in these apartments, everything will be within their reach.

It must be noted that these apartments are usually located in the most vital areas of cities and are close to public transport and service centers.


Can studio apartments be used for purposes other than housing and residence?
Of course, this can be done, as studio apartments can be used in many ways, for example, businessmen can take them as a business administration office, and the same is true for engineers and lawyers who cannot buy large real estate, so these apartments form a starting point for them.

Studio apartments are also very suitable for recording music and shooting videos, meaning they are perfect for being a personal studio! That is why many photographers and artists want to buy this type of apartment.


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