The advantages of Turkish citizenship

Get to know the advantages of Turkish citizenship and a Turkish passport.

The advantages of Turkish citizenship
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Many foreign nationalities in general and Arab countries, in particular, want to move and settle permanently in Turkey or invest in it, as everyone is looking for a profitable investment opportunity that provides them with a comfortable life and family stability, to get Turkish citizenship. Still, most always ask about the benefits of Turkish citizenship and the advantages of Turkish passport travel.

advantages of Turkish citizenship


The benefits of Turkish citizenship

There are many benefits of a Turkish passport, and we show you the most important of them:
• The Turkish passport allows you to enter 121 countries with free visa travel or visa upon entry, with the advantage of easy entry to 26 countries in Schengen.
Turkey is a European and Middle Eastern country. But, simultaneously, you will have security, democracy, and freedom.
• You can have dual citizenship without giving up your nationality, with a passport validity period of 10 years.
• It gives you the right to vote in all types of elections in Turkey. There is no first-class or second-class citizen in Turkey.
• A Turkish passport can be obtained, and Turkish citizenship is delivered within three months.
• The ability to receive free, complete medical treatment and education, for you and your family, throughout life.
• Ranking of the Turkish passport globally from the top 30 passports in the world.
• It does not require a minimum period of residence in Turkey.


Types of Turkish passport

Types of Turkish passport

There are four types of Turkish passport
1 - The ordinary passport: It is the general passport for Turkish citizens, and it is the one that the investor obtains after obtaining Turkish citizenship
2- Black Passport: intended for government officers who work outside Turkey
3- The green Turkish passport: it is obtained by high-level government officers
4- Gray passport: given to Turkish diplomatic personalities

 get a Turkish passport

How to get a Turkish passport

There are different ways to obtain a Turkish passport. Still, the easiest way now is to acquire Turkish citizenship by owning a property in Turkey or by an investment program in Turkey with a value of $ 400,000.

How to obtain Turkish citizenship

• Make a fixed capital investment in less than 500,000 US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira or other foreign currencies, and the Ministry of Industry and Economy determines this investment.
Buying a property with a value not less than 400,000 US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira or any other foreign currency and suspending the title deed register so that the property is not sold during the first three (3) years, and the Ministry of Environment and Reconstruction determines this purchase and explanation.
• Employing no less than fifty (50) employees, the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services determines this employment.
• The minimum deposit of 500,000 US dollars or its equivalent in Turkish lira or any other foreign currency in banks operating in Turkey and its detention in banks for the first three (3) years, and this deposit is determined by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA).
• Purchasing public debt instruments with a value of $ 500,000 as a minimum and keeping them for three (3) years. The Ministry of Finance and Finance determines this purchase process.
• Buying the shares of the real estate investment fund or the investment capital fund and holding these instruments for three years starting from the date of purchase. The board of directors of the financial market determines this purchase.
• The amended regulation also indicates that foreigners may switch between the mentioned investment options to meet the time requirements. It stipulates that the actual sale price of the Turkish Central Bank and the exchange rate at the date of the decision will be considered a basis for determining the monetary value mentioned above.
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Turkish citizenship pros and cons

There are many benefits of Turkish citizenship that we mentioned earlier, and you also wonder about the negatives of Turkish citizenship through investment; there is a negative reason and considered one of the most critical negative reasons when obtaining Turkish citizenship, which is the cost of operating and maintaining the property that was purchased to benefit from Turkish citizenship through investment and also the strength Turkish passport.

As the law requires holders of Turkish citizenship through real estate investment to keep real estate for three years without selling it

Also, the other drawbacks.

Obligating holders of Turkish citizenship to join the service of the Turkish army for those under the age of service, bearing in mind that the service period is one year and the Turkish government works to reduce it to 9 months

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