Power of Turkish Passport

The power of Turkish passport is getting stronger in terms of the ability to travel and move between countries without a visa with easy entry to the most important countries in the world.

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How powerful is a Turkish passport?

The power of Turkish passport is getting stronger in terms of the ability to travel and move between countries without a visa with easy entry to the most important countries in the world. According to the Global Passport Strength Index, whose scale is based on freedom of travel and movement around the world, the Turkish passport ranks 38th. Moreover, Turkey as a country ranks 18th in terms of strength and privileges in Europe.

With a Turkish passport, you have an assured chance to visit without a visa or with an electronic visa to 115 countries. Besides, the strength of the Turkish passport provides you with easy entry to more than 100 countries around the world without any procedure that the Turkish citizen needs to visit those countries. There is virtually no country in which entry is prohibited with the Turkish passport, where you can enter and exit from every country in the whole world

By signing agreements for mega projects in the field of tourism and international trade, Turkey's strong relations with other countries make it possible to increase the passport.

Therefore, you will not think of wasting your time on the procedures for renewing your passport.

Also, the visa requirements may differ according to each country you intend to visit and according to the reasons for the visit, when you have a Turkish passport you can travel without any problems, you can also obtain a Turkish passport besides getting an A dual citizenship.

Also, if you have Turkish citizenship, it will enable you to obtain free scholarships and free educational opportunities. The Turkish passport is equal in its advantages to all passports around the world. You can take advantage of the Turkish citizenship program to take advantage of a Turkish passport.

For more information about it, which will surely add value to your life and your family's life through its rapidly increasing strength, please send your contact details through our contact form for any inquiries you have that our consultants can answer by submitting a complete plan to obtain Turkish citizenship by owning a property. 

What countries can Turkish visit without a visa?

You will get multiple privileges while traveling. You can visit almost any country in the world without a visa. You can easily enter hundreds of countries where you are just applying for a visa without any complicated procedures

You do not need to worry about getting a visa before planning a trip to any country on the list. Even one of them allows you to obtain an electronic visa that provides you with an entry visa upon arrival you will benefit from 3 different benefits to enter other countries:

Visa-free:  you can enter many countries of the world without a visa

Visa on Arrival: Upon disembarking from the plane, you are granted a visa on the spot

Online Visa: There are a few simple things that you need to do online. In a few days, your visa will be sent to you digitally. Or forms can be requested upon arrival. It is a quick and simple procedure

In almost all countries where you can visit with a visa-free/online visa permit, you can stay for 15 to 360 days.

All the countries to enter without a visa with the Turkish passport

IraqJordan Palestine Qatar  Dominica Ecuador El SalvadorGeorgia Guatemala Haiti Honduras
Kazakhstan Jamaica Japan North KoreaKosovo Macedonia Malaysia Mauritius Moldova Mongolia 
Montenegro Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Russia Serbia Singapore South Africa
Thailand Ukraine Uruguay Venezuela Libya Lebanon Morocco Tunisia Syria Oman 
Albania Argentina Belarus Bolivia Bosnia and HerzegovinaBotswana BrazilChile Colombia Costa Rica
Togo Uganda Zambia East TimorIvory CoastKuwait Bahrain Sudan Mauritania Comoros 
Armenia Cambodia Indonesia Guinea Madagascar Maldives MozambiqueNepal Tajikistan Tanzania 
Djibouti Azerbaijan        

And each of the grant visas via the Internet

Mexico Myanmar Rwanda Senegal  Sri LankaAustralia



What is the advantage of Turkish passport?

If you obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey, you will be able to benefit from the passport. Where you can get all the benefits that Turkish citizens enjoy inside and outside Turkey

Is considered among the most powerful passports in the world. Every new day that passes, a new number of foreign investors or those wishing to immigrate and settle in Turkey, and even invest and obtain Turkish citizenship, turn around and the Turkish passport will be useful for them to move easily

You can benefit from the passport in all areas due to Turkey's geopolitical location.

  • Turkey is a bridge between East and West in terms of trade and energy
  • You can take advantage of government incentives to strengthen your business activities
  • Thanks to Turkey's stable and developed economy, you will enjoy highly luxurious living conditions
  • You will enjoy privileges along with strong global relationships and agreements
  • You can enter more than 100 countries without a visa. It also provides easy access to all 26 Schengen countries.
  • You do not need to renew your passport for 10 years.
  • There is no minimum stay time
  • are delivered within 90 working days

One of the most important points that must be clarified is Turkey is one of the countries that allow dual citizenship, also if you do not have any restrictions in any country, you can be a Turkish citizen, and there are no restrictions for those who have multiple citizenships in two or more countries.

You can apply for a passport to the Social Security Institution and visit countries without a visa. Also, you can receive free education or benefit from scholarship rights if you have Turkish citizenship.

By taking advantage of Turkish citizenship by real estate investment, you will enjoy the same privileges and legal rights as Turkish citizens.

You can get more information about the investment program for obtaining Turkish citizenship through our advisors

Requirements to travel to Europe using the power of a Turkish passport

Turkey continues to increase its power through its relations within the accession process to the European Union. As a result of international negotiations on the Turkish passport, almost everyone will be able to visit Europe through the entrances to European countries. Besides, if you have Turkish citizenship, then it is very easy to get the necessary Schengen visa to go to European countries for business and travel purposes


How to get a Turkish passport?

It is possible to obtain a passport and benefit from the Turkish passport by obtaining Turkish citizenship by taking advantage of the real estate investment law in Turkey by purchasing a property with a value of at least 400.000 US dollars, you will have a Turkish passport within a period of 90 days and long-term 

Do you want to get a Turkish passport?

Deal Real Estate, through its great experience in the field of real estate in Turkey and through its experts and consultants, will enable you to get the best properties and their offers in Turkey, ready-made or under construction apartments, commercial properties with high investment value with a full guarantee of profits, all options that suit Obtaining Turkish citizenship and benefiting from the Turkish passport

What are the documents needed to obtain a Turkish passport?

Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship by benefiting from the Turkish citizenship by investment real estate program

  1. Biometric photos
  2. A document containing information about the place of birth, date of birth, name of the parents, etc. (eg birth certificate)
  3. A document showing the marital status (married/divorced/single)
  4. A copy of your passport
  5. Power of attorney

Turkish passport types

There are 4 types of passports in Turkey. Where the passport is granted according to their categories in Turkish society

Maronite/ordinary are issued to foreign nationality who obtain Turkish citizenship through property investment

  • Maroon Passport / Ordinary Passport: Issued to all Turkish citizens or holders of Turkish citizenship
  • Green Passport/Special Passport: Issued to former government employees and bureaucrats. Given to Turkish government employees. A visa-free, on-arrival, or electronic entry visa is offered to 130 countries.
  • Gray Passport/Sealed Passport: It is the passport issued by official institutions to persons sent abroad on behalf of the country. Given to reporters and officials.
  • Black Passport/Diplomatic Passport: Senior government officials such as Members of Parliament, Ministers, and Governors have black ones.
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