Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship online?

Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship online?

Is it possible to obtain Turkish citizenship online?
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Last update 24-12-2022
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The dream of acquiring a solid nationality and a global position remains enticed by many worldwide, especially investors. Therefore, among the most critical nationalities worldwide, they chose Turkish citizenship, excluding many other nationalities.

Turkish citizenship is characterized by the ease of obtaining it and the many ways that lead to it. It also offers many advantages to those who obtain it, but is personal attendance required to obtain Turkish citizenship? Is it possible to do this online?

Many questions about this matter can be clarified through the following lines; you can follow up.


Is there a possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship online?

Yes, the Directorate of Souls of the Ministry of Interior has announced the possibility of applying for Turkish citizenship online for those who meet the requirements.

This decision is among the many facilities offered to foreigners, as it would shorten time, effort, and fatigue and ease the required papers and documents.

But the question here is, what prompted the Turkish government to make such a decision? The answer is straightforward: it seeks to provide services as quickly as possible, reduce routine procedures that waste time, and seek a complete digital transformation.


Are all people seeking Turkish citizenship entitled to apply through the online portal?

No, this is the right of only some people who meet all the stipulated naturalization conditions, the most prominent of which are:

They are residing in Turkey for five straight years using a work permit, provided that the departure from Turkey does not occur during the mentioned period for more than six months.

I am buying a property in Turkey with a minimum value of two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars/investment or bank deposit with a value of less than five hundred thousand US dollars.

Marriage to a person who holds Turkish citizenship, with evidence of the desire for the continuity of this marriage, and that it is not to obtain Turkish citizenship.

If a Turkish family adopts a foreigner who has not yet reached the legal age, he will obtain Turkish citizenship / whoever has Turkish assets.


- How is Turkish citizenship obtained electronically?

-First, you must apply for it from within Turkey, and an individual is not entitled to apply more than twice.

- After the applicant is sure he meets all the stipulated conditions, he will have to enter the portal and log in.

Subsequently, all steps must be completed, the most important of which is to fill in the required data from the form and follow up on the citizenship file through the link provided.


What general conditions must a person wish to obtain Turkish citizenship have?

- He must be of total capacity, and his age should not be less than the legal age.

- He should have the ability to speak Turkish well.

He shall not have a precedent with the judiciary and shall not be involved in criminal problems.

He needs a stable and sufficient income for those with him to live in stability.

He must also not be suffering from any severe and infectious diseases to maintain public health in the country.


- Why did not many people worldwide seek Turkish citizenship, not from others nationalities?

First, Turkish citizenship is a key to accessing most and most important countries in the world without having to face arbitrary conditions, as many do not require an entry visa, and others grant them to travelers at the moment of arrival at their airport.

- Turkish citizenship allows those who hold it to retain their mother's citizenship, thus becoming dual citizenship.

The holder will enjoy all the rights of Turkish citizenship, the most prominent of which are participating in elections, voting, and applying for outstanding job opportunities.

- As for the reason that made the first Turkish citizenship exclusive of others, it is that Turkey enjoys remarkable stability on the political and economic level as well, and the latter continues to recover and prosper.

- Turkey is also an attractive investment environment, as it has proven the success of this step in it, as it has all the tools of distinguished and superior investment.


Who are the most likely to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The Arabs were very satisfied with this matter, as Turkey is distinguished by its geographical location close to the Arab world, and it is characterized by the Islamic character that corresponds with them, and this is in addition to the existence of many commonalities between the two societies and many other reasons.

Turkish citizenship was not just a goal, it was a dream and a prime goal, and with the facilities provided in this regard, we can see the demand for it is constantly increasing.

Turkish citizenship is the dream of many; is it also for you?



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