What is the impact of tourism on the Turkish real estate sector?

Tourism in Turkey has a significant impact on the real estate sector

What is the impact of tourism on the Turkish real estate sector?
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Whenever a country is described as a tourist destination, it will certainly be one of the developed and prosperous countries at the economic level, which will affect all other sectors in the country positively.

Turkey is characterized by the tourist nature preferred by many tourists around the world, based on the fact that it is rich in many historical and archaeological monuments distributed in it, in addition to that it contains many different and distinctive aspects of nature.

It is important to realize that the impact of tourism on the real estate sector is very large, but how has it affected it this year? Below we will learn about this in detail.


Tourism in Turkey this year was within specific controls:

- Some see the tourist situation in Turkey:

Many of the precautionary and preventive measures and the imposition of a PCR examination hindered the movement of the tourist and made him hesitate to travel, and therefore the number of trips to and from Turkey decreased, and the demand for hotels, hotel apartments and tourist real estate were no longer great.


-But actually:

- There were groups of tourists who did not hesitate to choose Turkey as a destination for their tourist trip, as the great improvement in the health situation in Turkey and the procedures followed contributed to this matter, and Turkey launched programs for safe tourism.

The tourist states in Turkey witnessed a heavy demand for it, such as Istanbul, which received millions. The Hagia Sophia Mosque received 3 million individuals, and Antalya received within 9 days half a million tourists, and it is expected that tourism in it next year will be at its highest levels.


What motivates tourists to choose Turkey for tourism:

It is suitable for trips all year round, thanks to its mild and distinctive climate. It also contains suitable places and areas for winter tourism and is suitable for lovers of winter sports.

Turkey is also the appropriate country for medical tourism, as it contains hot springs that are suitable for treating many skin diseases, anaemia and rheumatism, and Turkey, challenging health conditions, announced the opening of the medical city of Basaksehir, which provided a lot to the medical field.

In addition, what encourages tourists to choose Turkey over all other countries around the world is that the costs of tourism and travel to it are appropriate, like other countries.


This is what tourism offers to Turkey:

It is the first supporter of the Turkish economy, and it is one of the first reasons that motivated real estate investors around the world to choose Turkey to set up their investment monuments, but for its returns to be high, it must be chosen according to correct foundations and thoughtful rules.

The property or apartment must be chosen following the tastes of tourists, that is, it must be fully furnished to meet the requirements of the tourist during the period of his stay in it, and it should be close to public facilities such as transportation lines, shopping centers and medical centers.

The property should also be close to or within the tourist states, and it is important to realize that the tourism factor is what contributed to the increase in real estate sales in Turkey as we see today and the increase in real estate sales, in turn, contributed to the rise in real estate prices.

* In this context, we must point out that the state of Yalova / Mugla / Sakarya, especially apartments, witnessed a significant increase in their prices.

* In July 2021, sales of residential apartments increased by 64% compared to the same period last year.

- It is important to realize that buying real estate in Turkey means achieving many goals in one shot, as some acquire it for housing and some aim to invest in real estate where the returns are high, and this is what we saw above.

According to studies presented in this regard, more than 24% of those who accept real estate ownership aimed to obtain Turkish citizenship.

At the end of this article, we can conclude that there is a close relationship between the tourism and real estate sector in Turkey, and despite all the challenges and difficulties that tourism faced, it managed to maintain its position.



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