Popular Hotels in Istanbul

Popular Hotels in Istanbul

Popular Hotels in Istanbul
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Last update 20-12-2022
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A tourist country such as the Turkish state will need to contain many other ingredients than historical and natural attractions, and so on from many places. In addition, it must contain services that make the tourist happy with his stay there. One of the essential things the tourist may need in Turkey or elsewhere hotel is one. Turkey, and use it pays great attention to the tourism sector, has allowed the establishment of a large number of hotels distributed throughout the country, but what are the most important of these hotels, and where to find them?

We can learn about all this by reading the following article.


Taksim area hotels:

This area is characterized as one of the most areas in Turkey that usually attract tourists because it is characterized by the diversity that meets all the tastes of tourists. Based on this, a group of hotels was established in it. The most important of these hotels is (Divan), which is considered one of its most essential hotels; and it has Five stars is characterized by being very luxurious and luxurious both internally and externally as well; the customer will get a lot of various services in it, it is only six hundred meters away from Taksim Square, and it is also close to Sabiha Airport, which makes it a target for tourists coming for easy access.

There is also the Golden Age Hotel, which is popular with tourists because it has an Ottoman design and at the same time offers a lot of entertainment services. It is also close to many important sites, and of course, the Taksim area includes other hotels such as Icon / The Parma / Elite World ..... etc.


Hotels located in Sultanahmet:

This area is also considered one of the tourist destinations that the tourist can never be dispense because it contains many famous archaeological and historical tourist attractions, so some hotels were set up inside it, the most important of which is the Dosso Dossi Hotel, which is a four-star hotel, which indicates the luxury The hotel and the quality of services it provides to guests, as it is close to Istanbul International Airport and Hagia Sophia Mosque....which makes it an option for tourists.

There is also the Four Seasons Hotel, which is the most luxurious ever in this region. Therefore, exceptional customers will have an exceptional and elegant stay. This character prevails over the historic hotel, and perhaps this is one of the treason why the tourist prefers

Those looking for a hotel with a unique modern character should choose the Hagia Sophia, which has a beautiful and fantastic view of Istanbul, in addition to the many services provided to the tourist... But that is not all, as this area includes several other hotels Like Sultanahmet Hotel / Restal Hotel....they are all special, you have to choose.


Hotel apartments located within the Mall of Istanbul:

It is also essential to know that the famous Mall of Istanbul, one of its four floors, is dedicated to hotel apartments, which are preferred by tourists today, based on the fact that they will be able to meet all their needs. Moreover, it is an integrated mall with distinctive shops and restaurants and allows carrying out several activities Recreational....so it is the tourist's first choice.


Hotels onboard the Princess Islands:

These islands provide the tourist with an enjoyable trip of many dimensions, so many people prefer to stay in them. Of course, that will be available through the hotels that are spread in them, the most important of which is the Ada Palace Buyukada Hotel, as it takes exceptional care of the tourist and provides him with a package of distinguished recreational services, located near To the critical sites such as Eyup Sultan Port / Sabiha Airport.

The Ascott Buyukada Hotel is distinguished by its modernity and sophistication and provides the tourist with a specialized team to help and guide him on his tourist trips... There are also other hotels, such as Tiara Buyukada / Cankaya.

We can not be sure which hotels are the best, but in general, they are located near tourist places, historical monuments, and binding and active sites with a unique view.



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