The best language institutes in Turkey

For those wishing to learn the Turkish language in Turkey, learn about the best language institutes in Turkey

The best language institutes in Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Most important institutes in istanbul

There is no doubt that Turkey is currently an important tourist destination, as it ranks seventh in the world, and it is one of the most important investment destinations thanks to the great efforts made by the Turkish government to encourage investment in Turkey, and these efforts have paid off as foreign investors began to go to Turkey for many goals either with the intention Residing in Turkey, working or applying for Turkish citizenship through investment, and it is not just investors, but there are many people who come to Turkey for work, study or tourism.

Of course, all of them need to know the Turkish language in different degrees, to communicate effectively with the Turks and convey the desired meaning and thus facilitate matters and avoid problems, and given the importance of learning the Turkish language, many institutes specialized in teaching the Turkish language have spread throughout Turkey, and below we will mention the best of them:


Tomer Institute, located in Istanbul:

This institute comes at the forefront of language education institutes in Turkey, as it is considered one of the best and most famous institutes and its headquarters is located in Istanbul, but due to its great importance, new branches have been opened within the other Turkish states, including the city of Ankara, the capital, and Tomer Institute receives large numbers Of the students and beneficiaries more than 50,000 students per year, this institute is affiliated with the Ministry of Education in Turkey and has a good reputation all over Turkey and the world.


Al-Aqsa International Schools for teaching the Turkish language:

These schools have a good reputation for teaching the Turkish language and have been able to open several branches distributed in different Turkish cities through which they teach the Turkish language to foreigners, and you need to learn 3 levels to master the Turkish language within these schools. As for the duration of each level, it varies according to the person and His age and the extent of devotion to study, but in general, it does not take long.


Sham Institute for learning the Turkish language in Istanbul:

This institute is considered one of the well-known names for teaching the Turkish language in Istanbul and is distinguished by the presence of specialized professors with a high degree of competence, and the institute is not limited to teaching the Turkish language, but it is also possible to learn many different sciences, and the monthly subscription within it is about 150 Turkish liras.


Human Prospects Institute for Language Learning in Istanbul:

This institute is located in the Zada ​​Hotel within the city of Istanbul and receives a large number of foreigners who want to learn the Turkish language, and of course, there are all types of levels and ages, and the institute includes the best specialists, professors, the latest equipment and educational tools, and the price of a full course to teach the Turkish language is about 175 Turkish Liras.


Islambol Institute in Istanbul for learning the Turkish language:

The Islambol Institute is located in the famous Fatih district in Istanbul and provides its students with the ability to learn with the best professors and specialists in the Turkish language, and within this institute, there are all ages and educational levels, and one course lasts about a month only, as, for its price, it is around 175 Turkish liras.


Iqra Institute in Istanbul for the Turkish language:

This institute is one of the well-known names for teaching the Turkish language, especially among university students, and the Iqra Institute is located in Istanbul and teaches the Turkish language to all ages and levels, although it is clearly known to university students as it helps them pass the necessary YOS exam upon enrollment In any Turkish university, and the institute supervises a large number of professors and specialists in the Turkish language, read a large number of professors and specialists in the Turkish language. As for prices, the four courses will cost you about 500 Turkish liras.


Advantages of learning the Turkish language within private institutes:

- Learn about the Turks' culture closely and make friends with them and the ability to communicate well and understandably.
- Identifying foreign people within the institute and expanding the circle of social relations.
- Learn the Turkish language on its origins in a systematic academic way, whether it is reading or writing.
- Learning at the hands of the best Turkish teachers and the most important experts in the Turkish language.
- Acquiring many strong opportunities to work in different fields after mastering the Turkish language.
- Help pass the entrance exams for Turkish universities.




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