The most forms of real estate in Turkey that attract Arab investors

Types of real estate in Turkey that foreign investors desire

The most forms of real estate in Turkey that attract Arab investors
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Last update 07-11-2023
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One of the most important reasons that made the real estate market in Turkey the first choice for real estate investors around the world is that it has many striking diversities, satisfying desires, and fulfilling ambitions, and this comes together with many other advantages such as the superior economy, advanced infrastructure, and many facilities.

Arab investors are the most attractive to Turkey with its many components and features, and if you want to learn about the most important types of real estate that they preferred to own, you can follow the following article.


Real estate that Arabs preferred to own in Turkey:

Residential real estate:

Residential real estate in Turkey includes many types and classifications, most notably the residential complexes, which are the ideal choice for anyone looking for the ideal housing, as they are attached to a lot of service and recreational facilities. be high.

Some apartments are outside residential or independent complexes and consist of a maximum of six to ten floors, and these apartments are only provided with the services provided by the Turkish government to the area in which they are located, and the prices are lower than others.

Turkey contains duplexes, which are characterized by their spacious areas that give privacy to all of its residents, consisting of more than one floor connected by an internal staircase, and their prices are reasonable and less expensive than villas.

Also, villas are among the options that Arabs tend to, and are characterized by their large areas and modern specifications. In Turkey, you can choose between regular and tourist villas, and they are the least in demand if compared to other properties, because they are high in price.

As for those looking for luxury apartments, they should choose penthouse apartments, as they are distinguished by their location on the last floor of high-rise buildings and towers, which gives them a distinct panoramic view and based on their high prices, they are the preserve of the rich and businessmen.


Commercial real estate:

Commercial real estate in Turkey provides its owners with high investment returns, most notably the shops, which are a destination for all segments of society and tourists as well. Turkey contains many huge malls and famous shopping centres that include many international brands.

Restaurants and cafés are among the distinguished options, as they are very profitable when they are close to tourist places or if they are located near vital sites.

Hotels are a good investment option, as they are a target for tourists and produce a large return throughout the year, due to the increasing number of arrivals to Turkey of all categories, students, tourists, and businessmen.

Complete buildings that will be opened as an educational institution or a medical institution, with the increasing population in Turkey, the need for this type of real estate has become urgent.


The most important reasons that prompted Arab real estate investors to choose Turkey:

1 - The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship. Real estate is the shortest path that leads to it. It is only required that its price be at least 250.000 US dollars, provided that it is not sold before three years have passed since the date of its purchase.

2 - All evidence and data indicate that Turkey is a fertile environment for investment, based on the developed economy. It is a safety indicator and this year it achieved the best results in the world.

3 - Many commonalities exist between Turkish society and Arab societies in terms of customs and traditions, in addition to the common Islamic religion.

4 - A lot of facilities provided by the Turkish government to real estate investors on its land, such as tax cuts and easy procedures that lead to the completion of ownership, and guarantee the rights of the investor, such as the real estate appraisal document that accurately discloses the price of the real property.

5 - Property prices are appropriate in Turkey, in addition to having distinctive specifications and resistance to earthquakes. In this aspect, Turkey has surpassed many countries around the world, especially European countries.

6 - The fluctuation of conditions in the Arab countries and the instability of the economic aspect was one of the main motives that motivated Arab investors to go to Turkey.


The most Turkish cities that attracted Arab investors:

The city of Istanbul is one of the most polarizing Turkish cities to the extent that there are areas called Arab neighborhoods, led by Basaksehir, which was called the region of the Arab rich, and Esenyurt is their favorite destination, as it contains many Arab communities, schools and universities speaking Arabic, and that there is a huge mall in Istanbul, Cevahir Mall or Mall of Arabia.

And many other Turkish cities, Arabs go to it annually for real estate ownership, including Bursa, the Turkish capital, Ankara, and others.

Based on all the privileges Turkey holds, it was the undisputed first Arab option, each of them looking for stability, some want to obtain Turkish citizenship, and others are looking for a high investment return, and some prefer it for study or work.



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