Learn about Arabic-speaking Turkish universities

Learn about Arabic-speaking Turkish universities

Learn about Arabic-speaking Turkish universities
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Today, Arab and foreign students prefer Turkey to study in it, as it is famous for its distinguished educational sector and educational institutions equipped with the best technologies that make the student comfortable in his studies, and its teaching staff with excellent experience holds all the student’s keys. We must mention that Arab students are more than They prefer Turkish universities because they take care of them and offer their curricula in Arabic alongside Turkish and English, and they are also allowed to enter Turkey's private or public universities, but what are the most important of these universities that speak Arabic? The following lines will reveal to us all those details.


What are the most important Turkish universities that speak Arabic?

1- Istanbul University:

This university is not old, but its existence is recent, only nine years have passed, but despite that, it was able to achieve wide fame and great success, and what makes this university special is that it offers fifty percent of its seats to students who hold Arab citizenship, of course, if they meet the requirements Required of them, and this Istanbul University has an educational program aimed at teaching the language of Islamic law and based on all this, it was the choice of Arab students.


2- Sultan Muhammad Al-Fateh University:

This university is also located in Istanbul, but it is specifically affiliated with the Director of Endowments, as it is one of the universities that opens its doors to all students if they meet the conditional elements, but the most preferred by students are those with Arab nationalities as it specializes in teaching religious and legal sciences, in addition to this. Several other disciplines, such as fine arts, civil and architectural engineering, and of course there are branches of different faculties of languages. They also have distinguished educational programs aimed at stimulating student creativity to appear, and they plan to lead the student to success and distinction.


3- Sabah Al-Din Al-Zaim University:

This university in Turkey adopts the three languages ​​​​of its curricula: English, Turkish and Arabic, and it also offers many educational and training programs. Sabah Al-Din Al-Zaim University is very interested in making the student search for information himself, so it does not present it to them on a plate of gold, and the costs of studying there are acceptable Somewhat, and recently, a research and applications center for Islamic economics and finance was opened.


4- May 28 University:

This university is located in Istanbul, and it is preferred by many Arab students today because it adopts the Arabic language as a primary language in addition to other languages, and it also, like others, has several organized, elegant, well-studied, and purposeful educational programs as well, and we must mention that it has several diverse disciplines such as Islamic law, What makes it distinct from others is that it obliges students to study the Arabic language, as it is an obligation and not an option.


5- The International University for Renewal:

This university belongs to the private sector and is famous all over the world, especially as it has many and varied departments such as economics, media, political science, and Islamic Sharia sciences. We must also know that this university is connected with the University of Islamic Sciences in Malaysia and the Canadian University of Keck, and what brought this university a lot. Among Arab students, it is the first language they impose to present their curricula, followed by English.


6- El-Nelain University:

This university is not an essential presence in Turkey, but rather is a branch of the origin that exists in Sudan, and we must know that Turkey is striving to strengthen its communication with the original branch for the ideas to be shared and to be informed of the latest developments, we must draw attention here to that This university is modern in existence. It has only existed for six years, but it was able to create a big name for it among other universities. Neelain University is preferred by many Arab students because it adopts their language as a primary language.

So, Turkey has a constellation of distinguished universities with all the ingredients it possesses, and many Arabs today turn to it, preferring it over the universities of the European Union for many differences. Turkey is close in terms of its geographical location, as there is an ease in transportation and travel to and from it, and also for the modest and acceptable premiums for them.

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