Reasons to prefer buying an apartment in a residential complex in Turkey

Advantages of buying an apartment in a residential complex in Turkey

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Last update 07-11-2023
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We also know that real estate and residential types, especially in Turkey, are not confined to one type only but instead are of many types. In meeting his prospective property, one of the best and most sought-after residential types are the apartments of the residential complexes, which have many advantages that can be discovered all, but through the following article in particular.


What are the most critical features of apartments in residential complexes in Turkey?

1- One of the essential features of these apartments is that they are close to public transportation, so the owner of this type of apartment does not find it difficult to move from one place to another. Most of these apartments are located in vital and active areas and places.

2- We must also fully know that the apartments of residential complexes are surrounded by all means of protection and security. An apartment can't be exposed to burglary or theft because the complex contains a lot of surveillance cameras distributed everywhere, and there are several alarms that The thief is lurking to sound an alarm; not only that b, ut many security men carry out a security guard.

3- Also, in the event of a fire breaking out, there are alarm devices dedicated to alerting about this incident, and the firefighters can then be called and the matter resolved.

4- These complexes contain a lot of service facilities. Almost every residential complex in Turkey has a mosque, a school, a health unit, some shops, and a private garage for parking; all of these matters and details make living in one of the apartments in these complexes an irreplaceable opportunity.

5- The residential complexes are full of recreational services that are keen to be present, such as parks and lush green spaces, and there are some swimming pools and bathrooms, and a restaurant can be found in each complex, in addition to the presence of a gym. All these details make Residential complexes desirable in the way we see them today.

6- Whoever chooses apartments in residential complexes should know fully that he has chosen fewer responsibilities and lighter burdens, as some carry a lot of responsibilities and matters arising from the individual, and this is through permanent maintenance and continuous cleaning work. All this is in exchange for money at the end of each month.

7- Most residential complexes and apartments inside have a charming, unique, and distinctive view because, in most cases, the complex occupies a distinct geographical area.

8- The apartments of these complexes are often suitable for those who prefer to enjoy distinctive and unique decorations away from the classic and traditional style, as these complexes always keep pace with the most important new events that occur in the world of construction and construction, as they keep pace with the latest fashion.

9- We must mention that the residential complexes are earthquake-resistant, especially since Turkey is constantly hit by these disasters, which guarantees the real estate residents their lives and money from being wasted.


Are all apartments located within residential complexes in Turkey of the same style?

1- Regular apartments: This type of apartment within the residential complexes is very similar to those outside the residential complexes, but a large area and a charming view characterize it.

2- Duplex apartments: They are two apartments located on top of each other and connected to an internal staircase, and they are considered large areas, providing privacy for the owners of the apartment, which will make those who live in them in great luxury, and those who like to live in them are rather large families.

3- Penthouse apartments: This type of apartment can be found on the last floors of the residential complex. It is completely isolated from its surroundings, surrounded by absolute calm and great luxury, characterized by its incredible view, and in each penthouse apartment, there is a private swimming pool.

4- Townhouse apartments are small villas within the residential complex and have a private garden.

5- Villas: Villas are also located within the residential complex, but in a complex of their own, with large areas and several floors, so whoever chooses them will have chosen his luxury and comfort.

All those types of apartments that can be found within the residential complex are additional features that are added to the above.

In conclusion, we can show that the acquisition of an apartment within the residential complexes in Turkey is an opportunity that must be exploited based on all the features it contains and all the options available.



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