Features of real estate investment in Yenibosna

Features of real estate investment in Yenibosna

Features of real estate investment in Yenibosna
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Last update 20-12-2022
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Features of Yenibosna area in Istanbul:

Various investors are rushing to buy real estate in the Yenibosna region, in order to obtain the advantages and factors that these real estate provide to them, as it is possible to buy them in the least conditions and at the same time, they achieve the ability to enjoy a high-quality life, especially in light of the presence of infrastructure Developed and excellent in the region, which has contributed greatly to the promotion of the tourism and investment sector in the region of Yenibosna, and it can be said that this region is classified as one of the most important areas in Istanbul and is considered to be attractive thanks to its basic components, which are the main components It is a necessity that cannot be dispensed with by anyone who wants to settle and live in a region, not to mention the advantages and tourism components that the region enjoys, which contribute to raising the investment value of real estate in it on the one hand and the influx of more investors and attention to it.

As the Yenibosna region has the largest share of the attention that the Turkish government has worked to shed concerning the issue of urban renaissance and comprehensive development, as it has built and established many luxury and high-end residential complexes in the region of Yenibosna, and these residential complexes are considered desirable and Required by different categories of people, whether they are tourists only or even wishing to stay long-term in Turkey, thanks to the distinguished services that these complexes provide and their possession of various forms of important service facilities in addition to the availability of places for relaxation and comfort within the residential complex such as public parks and parks For children and adults, as well as restaurants and markets, in addition to the existence of secure transportation and its construction close to the rapid metro lines that are located in the Yenibosna area. These lines work to secure transportation to and from these residential complexes, linking them to various parts of the city of Istanbul.

In addition to the fact that Yeni Bosna is considered one of the most central areas in Istanbul, it is initially located close to the E5 highway and is thus a gateway to the Basin Express line, which connects Istanbul city center on the one hand and Ataturk International Airport on the one hand The opposite side is also located near the fairgrounds, which is adjacent to the airport.

Features of real estate in Yenibosna district in Istanbul:

It is noted that there is a great demand for real estate purchases in the Yeni Bosna area in Istanbul, and this demand is due to the advantages that the region enjoys, as well as the real estate in it, in addition to the services it provides to its residents. These features are the most important factors that investors who want to buy real estate in Turkey, whether to invest and obtain investment returns or even stability and housing and from these advantages and services provided by each of the Yenibosna region and real estate in it, we can mention the proximity of the region to important service centers, especially health ones, which are located Close to hospitals and health centers that provide services around the clock for all residents

In addition to the presence of many mosques and places of worship, and the most important thing is the availability of various forms of transport and transportation, both by land and sea, which secure the connection of the region with the various parts of Istanbul, and the Yenibosna area is located close to Ataturk International Airport, which contributes to making it the same Constant movement and activity, making it a vital area, and giving real estate there a greater opportunity to be in the sights of investors, especially foreigners coming from abroad on a visit through the airport.

In addition, the investment opportunities in real estate in the region are very high and available in abundance, as it is considered a tourist area with distinction and contains many hotels that are classified as one of the finest hotels and carry high ratings of five stars, not to mention the spread of recreational places near Its real estate, which first makes it good for investment, especially in the field of leasing, while it is excellent for those who want to buy it for housing, because it provides the whole family with activities and places for entertainment, as it spreads in all parts of the Yenibosna region a lot of huge shopping centers and markets that include Stores for the largest international brands in addition to restaurants, clubs, cafes, theaters, cinemas, and other entertainment centers

Also, real estate in Yenibosna is characterized by having many stunning views, thanks to the presence of many public parks and green spaces that provide a comfortable morning view, as well as a place to relax and get away from the noise of Istanbul city center and an ideal place to play for children and family in addition to To the presence of many historical and tourist attractions that the region has preserved and cherished, which constitute an important factor in attracting tourists and visitors to the region, which is positively reflected on the real estate located next to it so that it increases its investment value on the one hand and contributes to the operation of the region The entire second hand.


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