All the necessary information for renting a property in Istanbul

All the necessary information for renting a property in Istanbul

All the necessary information for renting a property in Istanbul
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Last update 05-01-2023
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One of the most critical investment methods made by real estate investors in Turkey is buying a property or an apartment and renting it. Thus it will provide them with a continuous financial income such as any famous and specific annual salary, but what rules must be followed when choosing this investment method? What is the essential information related to the issue of renting real estate in Istanbul? All these details we can see through the following words.


It is necessary to know the most critical responsibilities of the landlord to his landlord:

There is a variety of responsibilities that the tenant of real estate has in Turkey, the most important of which are:

The tenant of the property in Turkey must abide by the specified and agreed-upon time, which often this day is at the end of each month.

- The tenant must also strictly abide by all the expenses he will incur, such as paying the bills for water, electricity, internet, gas, and other matters. In the event of any default by the tenant, the property owner has the right to evict the tenant from his property.

- We must mention that the tenant must hand over the property at the end of the specified rental period if he does not wish to renew the contract.

It is the tenant's duty not to decide to make any modifications to the property on his own. Still, if he wishes to make any modification, he must obtain the permission of the original property owner, preferably in writing.


The most important responsibilities of the landlord towards the tenant must be known:

- Just as the tenant has rights before his landlord, there will also be rights that the property owner has to perform in front of his tenant, the most important of which is that he pays all taxes resulting from the property. The tenant has no relationship whatsoever, in addition to the bills that precede the tenant's existence.

Also, if there is anything in the property and the tenant has been harmed by it, the landlord must repair it for him, and the landlord is not entitled to impose any penal conditions on the tenant for his delay in paying the rent.


Care must be taken to have an accurate and comprehensive lease agreement:

1 - Because the rental contract has many benefits, it initially obliges the tenant to give the special property care and not deal with it in a messy and harmful manner. Moreover, this contract obliges the tenant to deal well with neighbors.

2- The lease contract requires the tenant not to rent the property again and prevents any move or modification to the property without the property's actual owner's permission.

4- The tenant must also inform the property owner of any notification he receives regarding his property from any official or security authority.

5- Just as this contract is immunity for the lessor, it is also the case for the lessee's immunity, as it protects him from any false allegations that may be made against him.


-The most important notes related to renting real estate in Istanbul:

1- If the rent of the property is more than five hundred Turkish liras, the amount must not be delivered by hand, but the bank must mediate the order, and if this law is exceeded, a fine of five percent of the rent price will be imposed on both the lessor and the tenant.

2- It must be ensured that the lease contract includes all information related to the property, both internally and externally, and all personal information related to the tenant and the lessor.

3- The purpose of renting real estate in Istanbul must be determined. Is the purpose behind this step financial, because the property owner does not need it at present, or because he needs it to be a place where he saves his money out of his reach?

4- If renting the property is to earn profits and abundant money, the important and active place of the property must be chosen. The property should be commercial, as it brings a lot of profits.

5- The property owner should also furnish it because the property that contains furniture is more expensive than if it is empty.

6- The property owner must be fully aware of the average amount he will receive annually or monthly. He must keep up with the latest news of where his property is located to know precisely where his property will lead him.

This is almost the essential information related to renting real estate in Istanbul. The last lines were intended to introduce the fundamental rights and duties of the landlord and tenant and the most important notes that must be taken into account and adhered to for things to be disciplined.




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