Useful tips when looking for apartments in Istanbul

Useful tips when looking for apartments for sale in Istanbul

Useful tips when looking for apartments in Istanbul
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Last update 20-12-2022
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The person who is about to own real estate or buy real estate in a country other than his home country will always face many difficulties, many problems, some obstacles, and perhaps some vague details for him .... any combination of obstacles .... and in order not to be exposed to them for sure To ask and know everything related to the Turkish real estate market and the most important points that must be followed when searching for an apartment for sale in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular, because the latter will be our search point .... So the following lines will provide the most important advice for those who are about to search for apartments for sale In Istanbul...Follow us.

-These points to follow when searching for an apartment for sale in Istanbul:

1- The purpose of its purchase must be specified:

Random search will be useless, so it is necessary to specify some points so that the search process is simple... It is important to specify the purpose of the apartment, as it is common that these apartments can be used for more than one purpose and purpose .... many people buy them for Real estate investment and obtaining many profits, especially that the city of Istanbul has all the necessary ingredients for this.

And some search for it for permanent housing, as it is the ideal interface for many... Based on which the search journey begins... The foundations of choosing the first apartment are radically different from choosing the second.

2- The amount of money should be monitored:

Also, this aspect would shorten a lot of distances between the buyer and the apartment that he is looking for... Istanbul has a great diversity in its real estate and areas where luxury, medium and simple, and on this basis, there are differences in the prices of apartments for each of them... It is unreasonable that Someone who has a modest financial budget and is looking for an apartment in an upscale and luxurious area where the apartment prices are very high.

3- The buyer should not rely on himself in searching for and choosing the apartment:

It is also always advised to seek the assistance of someone who has experience in this matter .... We do not believe that there is better than real estate companies, as they have extensive experience in this regard and the role they play in the search for an apartment for sale in Istanbul that it saves the buyer a lot of time and effort And fatigue... It will also provide the customer with the specifications he is looking for with the price that suits him.

4- It is worthwhile to ensure the legal status of the apartment:

The buyer needs to be careful in this regard... He must go back to the real estate registry of the apartment and ensure its safety on the legal level so that he does not find himself in problems that could incur a lot of losses... One of the most important problems that the buyer can encounter Reservation or mortgage, and there may be a problem with the Tapu and so on.

5- Important questions to ask before completing the acquisition:

The buyer needs to ask himself some questions that will shorten a lot of distances between him and the apartment he is looking for .... What is the area I would like to live in Istanbul? Do I like it modern, modern like Beylikdüzü or classic Kınşantaşı? Do I prefer to live in a quiet area away from the sources of noise and hustle and choose the Asian side of Istanbul, or do I like to live in a crowded, noisy and lively centre and choose the European side of Istanbul?

What view would I like my apartment in Istanbul to have, freely or on green spaces? What type of apartment am I looking for, one that is located within the residential complexes or one that is separate from them?

Is the apartment old or new built? .... The price of the first is different from the price of the second.

Is my goal from the apartment to get Turkish citizenship? Do its specifications conform to the specifications required to obtain it? Are they located near the service centres or are they far from them... And many of those questions that each of them would affect the choice.

What becomes clear to us after these lines is that buying an apartment in Istanbul or other Turkish cities is based on fixed foundations and rules that must be adhered to reach the desired apartment.

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