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Forev Modern Vadi: Luxurious and Sustainable Living in Istanbul

Forev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern VadiForev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
Forev Modern Vadi
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Istanbul European, Arnavutkoy


198,500 usd



Area Details - Arnavutkoy

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Social Status

Married : 60%

Unmarried : 29%

478 Km2

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Forev Modern Vadi  Details

Forev Modern Vadi, a premier construction project offering luxurious and sustainable living in Istanbul. This extensive development covers a construction area of 21,270 square meters and is built on a land area of 7,380 square meters. With four modern buildings each rising six stories high, Forev Yapi features 132 meticulously designed apartments ranging from cozy 1+1 units to spacious 4+1 duplexes.


Overview of Forev Modern Vadi

Forev Yapi stands as a beacon of modern architecture and sustainable living in Istanbul. The development offers a variety of apartment sizes, smart home systems, and numerous social facilities, all within a vibrant and accessible neighborhood.

Project Specifications

Construction and Land Area

  • Construction Area: 21,270 M²
  • Land Area: 7,380 M²
  • Municipal Park: 4,500 M²

Buildings and Apartments

  • Number of Buildings: 4
  • Floors per Building: 6
  • Total Number of Apartments: 132
  • Available Apartment Types:
    • 1+1
    • 2+1
    • 3+1
    • 4+1 Duplex
  • Ceiling Height: 2.80 M

Social and Recreational Facilities

Forev Modern Vadi is designed to provide a comprehensive living experience with an array of facilities:

  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Gym
  • Locker Room
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Cafeteria
  • Car Parking
  • Emergency Rooms
  • 24/7 Security

Advanced Features

Smart Home System

Each apartment is equipped with a state-of-the-art smart home system, allowing residents to control various home functions remotely.

Floor Heating System

The floor heating system ensures comfort during the colder months, providing a cozy living environment.

Rooftop Solar Energy System

A rooftop solar energy system enhances the project's sustainability, reducing reliance on conventional energy sources.

Remote Access and Security

Residents benefit from a comprehensive security system, including 24/7 surveillance and remote access capabilities.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Forev Yapi supports sustainable transportation with dedicated electric vehicle charging stations.

Parking with License Plate Recognition System

The parking area includes a modern license plate recognition system for added convenience and security.

Gray Water Storage

The inclusion of a gray water storage system underscores the project's commitment to sustainability and efficient water usage.

Low CO2 Footprint

Forev Yapi is designed to minimize its carbon footprint, contributing to a healthier environment.

Prime Location

Forev Yapi's strategic location offers easy access to major highways, public transportation, parks, and essential services.

Proximity to Key Locations

  • 10 Min to Istanbul Airport
  • 10 Min to TEM Highway (E80)
  • 5 Min to Kuzey Marmara Highway (O-7)
  • 2 Min to Arnavutköy Municipality and District Population Directorate

Nearby Parks

Enjoy the greenery and recreational spaces nearby:

  • 2 Min to Arnavutköy Vadi Park
  • 8 Min to Bolluca Millet Bahçesi
  • 10 Min to Başakşehir Millet Bahçesi


Forev Yapi is well-connected with multiple transportation options:

  • 5 Min to Arnavutköy Hastane - Gayrettepe Metro Line (M11)
  • 1 Min to Bus Station Kiptaş Konutlari
  • 1 Min to Taxi Stop

Shopping and Entertainment

Residents can indulge in shopping and entertainment at nearby malls:

  • 15 Min to Mall of Istanbul
  • 13 Min to V Metro Way
  • 4 Min to Avlu34

Healthcare Facilities

Access to top-notch healthcare is within minutes:

  • 15 Min to Basaksehir Çam VE Sakura Şehir Hastansi
  • 5 Min to Arnavutköy Develet Hastane
  • 5 Min to Avrupa Hospital

Educational Institutions

Families will appreciate the proximity to excellent schools and universities:

  • 12 Min to Ibn Haldon University
  • 12 Min to Huda International School
  • 5 Min to MaviGün Koleji (Kindergarten, Primary, and Middle School)
  • 4 Min to Sheikh Mohammed Sadik School (Islamic Classes)

Available Views

Choose from stunning views that enhance your living experience:

  • Valley Views
  • Landscape Views
  • City Views


Away from


250 m

City Center

35 Km


700 m


1 Km


7 Km


2 Km


100 m


150 m


10 Km


5 Km

Tem Highway

2 Km

Payment Method & Prices

Number of roomsMin SpaceMin Price
1 + 1 roi
54 m² 198,500 usd
1 + 1 Duplex roi
109 m² 311,500 usd
2 + 1 roi
72 m² 245,000 usd
2 + 1 Duplex roi
108 m² 304,000 usd
3 + 1 roi
143 m² 462,000 usd
3 + 1 Duplex roi
223 m² 604,000 usd
4 + 1 Duplex roi
253 m² 687,000 usd
Last update 06-06-2024
40% Down Payment

Monthly Payment For 18 Month .

50% Down Payment

Monthly Payment For 24 Month .

Why  Forev Modern Vadi

  • Customers are drawn to Forev Modern Vadi for a multitude of reasons, with the project's location in the vibrant Arnavutköy area being a key factor. Arnavutköy, situated on the European side of Istanbul, is known for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and rapidly developing infrastructure, making it an attractive place to live and invest in.
  • One of the primary reasons customers choose to buy in this project is the area's strategic location. Arnavutköy is conveniently located near major transportation hubs, including Istanbul Airport, TEM Highway (E80), and Kuzey Marmara Highway (O-7), offering residents easy access to various parts of the city. Additionally, the proximity to the Arnavutköy Municipality and District Population Directorate ensures that essential services are within reach.
  • Arnavutköy's charm lies in its green spaces and recreational areas, which contribute to a high quality of life. Residents of Forev Modern Vadi can enjoy nearby parks such as Arnavutköy Vadi Park, Bolluca Millet Bahçesi, and Başakşehir Millet Bahçesi, providing ample opportunities for relaxation and outdoor activities.
  • The area is well-connected in terms of transportation, with access to the Arnavutköy Hastane - Gayrettepe Metro Line (M11), bus stations, and taxi stops, ensuring convenient travel within and beyond Arnavutköy.
  • Arnavutköy also offers a range of shopping and entertainment options, with malls like Mall of Istanbul, V Metro Way, and Avlu34 located within a short distance of Forev Modern Vadi. This adds to the area's appeal as a bustling and dynamic neighborhood.
  • Healthcare facilities in Arnavutköy are top-notch, with hospitals such as Basaksehir Çam VE Sakura Şehir Hastansi, Arnavutköy Develet Hastane, and Avrupa Hospital located nearby, providing residents with access to quality medical care.
  • Families with children will appreciate the proximity to educational institutions such as Ibn Haldon University, Huda International School, MaviGün Koleji, and Sheikh Mohammed Sadik School, offering a range of educational opportunities from kindergarten to university level.
  • In conclusion, the Arnavutköy area, with its strategic location, green spaces, recreational facilities, transportation options, shopping and entertainment venues, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, provides a compelling reason for customers to invest in Forev Modern Vadi. The area's rapid development and rich amenities make it an ideal place for luxurious and sustainable living.
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