The space of the area
138 Km2

Educational Facilities

The area is home to many educational institutions that provide services to the local population.

The leading educational institution in Sapanca is Sapanca Anatolian High School, a public secondary school that offers a range of academic programs to students in the area. The school is known for its vital academic programs and has a solid reputation for producing well-educated and successful graduates.
In addition to Sapanca Anatolian High School, the area is also home to many private schools offering various educational programs. These schools include Sapanca Private School, Sapanca International School, and Sapanca American School.

Sapanca has a well-developed educational system that provides various educational opportunities for students in the region. The area is home to many schools and universities that offer a range of academic programs and are known for their vital academic programs and successful alums.




Social Status

Married : 62%

Unmarried : 27%

138 Km2

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