All Information About Galataport Istanbul

The Galataport Istanbul project was constructed in 2016 and opened in 2021.

All Information About Galataport Istanbul
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The Galataport Istanbul project was constructed in 2016 and opened in 2021. It is a project aimed at revitalizing the old ports that have not been used for many years. 

GalataPort Istanbul provides a unique experience characterized by digital in particular.


The galataport project is expected to receive about 25 million visitors annually, nearly 7 million foreign tourists, and 1.5 million cruise passengers.

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What can you do in Galataport Istanbul?

The galataport project reflects the concept of low-rise buildings, which facilitates access to all available stores and places, as it extends over an area of 29,000 square meters. It includes more than 135 stores and 54 different restaurants, and all brands suit all tastes, as well as several museums specializing in painting and sculpture. In addition, many exhibitions are held regularly; Galataport is a social area suitable for everyone.


How to go to Galataport Istanbul?

Going to Galataport is very easy, as it is located in the center of Istanbul, specifically on the coast of the port of Karakoy region, and can be reached via the tram line as well as public buses for internal transportation in Istanbul. However, if you prefer to get it by car, Galataport provides parking for more than 2,400 vehicles and private places that do not have bicycles.


What places are available in Galataport?

The project provided the possibility of restoring the old places distinguished by the splendor of the old city of Istanbul, as it restored the ancient beauty with significant improvements to the floors and increased the durability of the buildings.

There are many places that you must visit in Galataport:

Top Hana clock tower

Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque

Istanbul Peninsula

old post office

And also, the hotel will be completed in 2022, with a budget of more than 300 million dollars, and it is an investment project that depends on foreign investment, with a value of 150 million dollars.

The first underground port in the world

Galata Port can serve three large ships and 15,000 passengers daily and is considered the world's first underground cruise ship terminal.

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