Get to know more about Kemer, Turkey

Get to know more about Kemer, Turkey

Get to know more about Kemer, Turkey
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Last update 05-01-2023
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Here is where beauty, magic, and serenity lie, and where tourism in Turkey is located. Kemer is located in the city of Antalya. Many people prefer to take unique and distinctive tourist tours that remain constantly in memory without leaving it. It is nice to choose ancient places that have a close connection with history, and among the most important of those places The one that must be visited is the city of Kemer, which dates back to the BC period and to know all its details and everything related to it, we must definitely follow the next lines.

-The most important outlines of the city of Kemer:

1- First, it is one of the lively and active areas as it is a huge commercial center. These characteristics, when combined with the historical and cultural character that it possesses, have become a harmonious and harmonious mass with each other. We must mention that Kemer is considered coastal, and what distinguishes it is that it is in the middle of nature and its green places. It also contains several diverse tourist places, some of which are natural and some of which are archaeological, in addition to the fact that it has a wonderful and distinctive climate throughout the summer and winter, and also it has a lot of recreational places, which we will see later.

What are the most important places that we can visit in Kemer?

1- Its coast is impressive and its cave is beautiful:

Kemer has a huge and beautiful coast, with pure blue waters, and this coast is surrounded by many tall mountains and green forests. We must mention that Kemer has a beautiful cave dating back to many previous eras, and its name is Beldibi, which contains many rare and distinctive artifacts that many prefer. Tourists visit it and there are other caves with many rocks that have a great place in Anatolian legends, all these details make choosing Kemer for tourism ideal, they are real reasons.

2- Olympus City:

This city took its name from the famous Mount Olympus and it stems from the Greek era and within it many legends that relate to this era. Visiting this place is considered one of the distinctive and unique experiences, especially with its natural treasures. It also has many types of pets such as ducks, turtles, and geese, so we can discern It is very healthy to visit such a city.

3- The city of Philis:

Also, this place is an archaeological site of the first degree and has a long history that extends its roots back to the Hellenistic era. When visiting it, you can view and see all its details and contents, enjoy it, and search for information related to it, which is really surprising that it still preserves everything in it until the present moment. Perhaps this is one of the reasons that attracted tourists.

4- Mount Tahtali:

Now, this is one of the most wonderful mountains in Kemer. You can choose the cable car to view from above, so you can watch the whole city and enjoy its beauty. It is one of the highest places in Turkey, as it is two thousand meters above sea level, and we must mention that near the mountain there are some restaurants and cafes Which are good to try and experience the delicious food they offer.

What are the most important activities to do when visiting Kemer?

1- Safari trip:

One of the important activities that a visitor to Kemer can do when visiting is to take a safari trip by car. It is very nice to delve into this unique experience, especially as the road will be full of beautiful scenes. You can enjoy a quiet atmosphere in the countryside and farms before returning to the city and its hustle and bustle again.

2- Attending festivals held there:

We must mention that Kemer includes some events, festivals, etc. It is possible to attend dance performances and theatrical performances, which indicates the importance of what is being shown. Thousands of tourists go to them every year. The beauty of what is on display.

3- Take a boat tour:

Also, since Kemer is a distinctive coastal city, you can choose its waters to set out on one of the yachts located there on a tour across the sea and enjoy all the aspects that we can encounter there.

4- Some markets:

No place in Turkey does not include markets and shops that meet the goal of the tourist, and the market in Kemer also includes many special things that must be tried to buy what we like from them, in addition to some souvenirs.

At the end of this article, we can conclude that the city of Kemer is a suitable place to achieve the purpose of tourism, and by doing so, by enjoying all the tourism potential that it possesses.


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