Learn the differences between a real estate broker and a real estate consultant in Turkey

Learn the differences between a real estate broker and a real estate consultant in Turkey

Learn the differences between a real estate broker and a real estate consultant in Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Many people want to buy real estate in Turkey, but it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its terminology before entering the Turkish real estate market. For example, have you ever heard of a real estate broker? What exactly does it do? And what about the real estate consultant? And what is the difference between them? In the following article, we will answer all these questions.


Definition of real estate broker in Turkey:
When searching for a property for sale in Turkey, you will encounter many real estate brokers, as this profession is not recent but dates back hundreds of years with different names. In previous years, this person was called a real estate dealer, but he was called a real estate broker with the expansion of his duties and responsibilities. It is the person who helps the client or customer to buy the property he desires and stays with him until the completion of the sale and purchase process, the signing of the contract, and the transfer of ownership. Indeed, he must possess many qualities and skills to acquire a good reputation, and skill in performance is also imperative to perform all his duties towards the buyer or the seller he is appointed.


The four categories of real estate brokers in Turkey:
The task of a real estate broker in Turkey varies according to the category to which it belongs, and these categories are:

- Buyer's agent: A real estate broker contracts with those who want to buy a property in Turkey, as it helps him to find what suits him with the lowest price and best specifications.
- Seller agent: The broker contracts with those willing to sell his property in Turkey, as his mission is to find the best customers and promote this property by appropriate means to raise its value in the market.
- Double agent: As his name indicates, this broker belongs to the two parties, the seller and the buyer, simultaneously, and in this case, this broker must be known for honesty and honesty so that the right of any of the two parties does not diminish and it is necessary to obtain the written consent of the buyer and The seller before starting his business, and upon noticing any conflict of interest, he should not continue the agency, but withdraw because he threatens to lose his license.
Speaking of dual agency, it must be noted that it is permissible in some countries and unlawful in other countries, according to the laws of each country, as some countries allow the existence of dual agency if the two parties are contracting with the same brokerage but with different agents. There is no conflict of interest.

- Transaction agent: This type of broker can be delegated by the seller and the buyer, so there is no objection to that because he does not represent them in any procedures related to the sale or purchase of the property or the transfer of ownership. Still, his task is limited to facilitating all paper transactions and the procedures related to the transfer of ownership. Any party is not representing the real estate.

As for the real estate broker, in general, he must possess no special qualifications, but he must possess specific skills such as the ability to negotiate and the ability to persuade with fluency in dialogue. These are certainly not skills that are learned according to scientific methods, and therefore the number, Noticeably, the Turkish real estate market includes a large number of them with the difference in skill and performance and the presence of some people who do not understand anything in the profession and do not possess sufficient knowledge within the real estate market, and this is what incurred heavy losses for investors when dealing with them. Therefore investors are moving away From them, especially after the spread of real estate fraud through them and their reluctance to be honest in dealing.


Definition of real estate consultant in Turkey:
The real estate consultant is the person who helps the client or customer who wants to buy a property in Turkey by knowing his desires and interests with his purchasing power and then searching for the most suitable property for him as he provides advice based on his experience about real estate and real estate investments that are The person wants to enter it. The real estate consultant works within real estate investment companies. His tasks are not limited to searching for suitable properties. Still, he plans and markets for the property and is looking for the most appropriate way to manage real estate as his primary concern is to achieve the benefit for the client and gain his confidence.


Tasks of the real estate consultant in Turkey:
The real estate consultant talks with the customer to determine his interests and the specifications he wants in the property and then prepares a list of properties that suit him to choose from among them. He also provides him with the necessary advice to benefit from the property in the best way, as he supervises the process of selling real estate and signing contracts between The two parties and organizes trips on the ground to the site of the project with mention of its specifications, advantages, and disadvantages in all sincerity and honesty.

And here, it must be noted that the real estate consultant is keen to provide the best for the customer as he does not manipulate prices and does not cheat the customer because their interest is expected. Therefore it is the best option to help in the search for apartments for sale in Turkey.



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