Real estate investment in Buyukcekmece

Real estate investment in Buyukcekmece

Real estate investment in Buyukcekmece
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Features of Buyukcekmece district in Istanbul:

Buyukcekmece is located in the European section of Istanbul, specifically in the western part of it, with a distinctive sea view on the coast of the Marmara Sea. It has many unique advantages that make it distinct from others in many aspects, such as being considered a calm area and one of The most prestigious areas in the city of Istanbul and its possession of a general structure and a beautiful view that attracts all forms of investors of different tastes with ease. The Buyukcekmece area in Istanbul has a secure and easy transportation network that makes transportation to and from the area easy and provides transportation to reach To all parts of the city of Istanbul and does not require a long time, and the distinguished location of the region plays a very important role in increasing its investment value, as it connects many strategic areas in Istanbul, such as the Sea of ​​Marmara and Ataturk Airport, as well as Istanbul Airport, which makes it a point A vital and strategic area.

Advantages of real estate in Buyukcekmece district of Istanbul:

The real estate in Buyukcekmece enjoys high investment importance, thanks to the many advantages it enjoys, perhaps the most important of which is its presence in Istanbul, which makes it have a unique advantage thanks to the strategic geographical location that the city of Istanbul possesses, as it is a linking point between the largest continents of the ancient world. Asia and Europe, which are separated by the Bosphorus Strait, which in itself is a key factor in giving Turkey's real estate global importance. The views and views that these properties enjoy and the beautiful atmosphere that prevails in the region as it is a historical and ancient area contribute to raising its importance and Buyukcekmece is considered a self-sufficient area in terms of the health sector, as it has many hospitals and medical units that are more than enough to serve the population who live in it, whose number does not exceed four hundred thousand people, and it owns many properties in the area of ​​Buyukcekmece with charming green natural views thanks to The presence of a beautiful and elegant park in which children can play and adults can sit and enjoy the tranquility of nature, fresh air, and gentle breezes. The city of Istanbul flocks to visit it and not only those who reside in Buyukcekmece only.

Services that you get when buying real estate in Buyukcekmece:

It is not possible to talk about the benefits and services provided by real estate in the Buyukcekmece area without starting with the infrastructure that it owns, because it is unique and very distinctive as it includes the largest TV station in Turkey and is ranked third in the world in addition to the presence of many huge sports clubs In the region, these clubs offer all kinds of sports, including water sports, which own entire cities dedicated to providing a field for their practice. Many investors choose the real estate of Buyukcekmece area over others because of the free education that is available in the area, as it includes two hundred and sixty-five schools In addition to three institutes and a governmental university, and the presence of all these educational institutions is considered excellent about the size of this region and the number of inhabitants in it, as there is a children's school near almost every residential complex in the area, which sends reassurance in the hearts of the children's parents and makes them more willing to reside Fail to ensure the safety of their children.

The many temptations of real estate in Buyukcekmece:

Buying real estate, especially apartments in Istanbul in general and Buyukcekmece in particular, is an attractive deal that should not be missed, as many temptations encourage it. You can get very attractive prices that can be paid, and there is also the advantage of buying real estate in installments in the form of payments It allows the process of facilitating the purchase and payment of the price of the property on the buyer, and you can also rent the apartments that you have purchased, which will return you good investment returns. As for the process of integration by foreigners, the environment in Buyukcekmece is considered a sharing environment from all other environments In terms of culture and the nature of the population, they are polite and are famous for their good behavior and morals and accepting factors of different religions and ethnicities, which attracts many foreign investors who may fear rejection or exposure to difficult situations in strange countries, especially investors of Arab nationalities who find in The similarity of customs and traditions in the region, the acceptance of religions by the population, and the presence of different races and social backgrounds encourage integration and are comfortable for them.

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