Turkish government facilities to attract Arab and foreign investors

Turkish government facilities to attract Arab and foreign investors

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Some people may wonder about the main reason why real estate investors around the world liked the idea of ​​real estate investment in Turkey specifically, without all other countries around the world, and the strange thing is that Turkey is witnessing the presence of many differences in the nationalities invested, there are Arab nationalities with their wide differences and there are other foreign nationalities, but the question lies about the position that investors found available in Turkey and did not find it available elsewhere, and it comes through the following article that we will mention immediately.


-The most important catalyst that made investors around the world choose Turkey to set up their investment monuments in it?

The reasons abound, but there remains a basic factor upon which all other factors are built. We must know that the Turkish government did not hesitate to provide everything it could to support the real estate investment sector and support foreign investors on its land, and this support is represented in the following points:

1- One of the most important facilities provided by the Turkish government is that it provided the opportunity for the investor to obtain Turkish citizenship through his investment, but if some of the conditions are met, the most important of which is that the property has a material value of not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars and this is one of the facilities because The required amount was in the past one million US dollars, and it is also stipulated that it should not be sold before three years have passed from the date of its purchase.

2- It must also be mentioned that today, within a maximum of five days, the investor can own property, and this is based on the many facilities provided by the Turkish government to them, and it eased the required procedures, and Turkey has a large number of real estate companies and real estate agents who They will assist the investor in all their steps, and these real estate agencies were found in Turkey with the permission of the government.

3- It is also important to know that this government reduced the value of real estate taxes imposed on investors in a way that suits their income and the number of material returns they receive after their suffering from them was great due to their high, in addition to that it made many cases of tax exemption and includes in particular Who invests his money in industrial real estate.

4- Among the things that the Turkish government offers is that it pays special attention to the infrastructure, which corresponds to the interests and goals of the investor. We must be fully aware that the infrastructure has a significant impact on the success of real estate investment, and today Turkey is in the process of building many infrastructure projects such as the Istanbul Canal project Which it launched a short time ago, which was preceded by many projects, and all this, in addition to that it is preparing to build some other projects in the coming period.

5- This is in addition to the fact that Turkey takes into account all the conditions of the investor, so whoever does not allow his real estate to obtain Turkish citizenship allowed him to obtain real estate residence or other residences such as tourism, for example, but the investor always prefers real estate from it because obtaining it is easy and its advantages are many, so it is enough to be Owns a property to obtain it without the condition of the presence of any other elements.

6- In addition, it simplified matters for him to pay the interest, so he can postpone the payment of the interest for the first five years, and this alone secures him covering the costs of his project up to seventy percent.

7- It allowed him to choose any type of real estate he wanted since she owns many real estate variations, so she did not make him restricted to a certain thing, and she also made him free to choose the place he wanted, except for security or military places, unless he had a permit to do so.

8- Finally, we must point out that the Turkish government allowed those who do not have the financial ability to pay the price of the property in full to take a loan from a bank and made the amount imposed on this loan an appropriate reduced interest.

After this article, we can fully show that the Turkish government was the main element that motivated Arab and foreign investors to choose Turkey as a place to start their investments because all that was mentioned in the previous lines were facilities that are not found in other countries.


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