Turkish government facilities to attract Arab and foreign investors

Why Real Estate Investors Choose Turkey: A Wealth of Opportunities

Turkish government facilities to attract Arab and foreign investors
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Last update 24-10-2023
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In a world filled with enticing real estate investment destinations, one might wonder why Turkey stands out as a favored choice among investors from various corners of the globe. The remarkable fact is that Turkey has attracted diverse nationalities to its real estate market, including Arab investors with their unique preferences. So, what makes Turkey so special and irresistible to these investors? Let's delve into the reasons behind this phenomenon.

The Turkish Government's Unwavering Support

At the heart of Turkey's appeal to global investors lies a fundamental factor that forms the cornerstone of all its advantages. The Turkish government has steadfastly committed to bolstering the real estate investment sector and extending support to foreign investors. This support manifests through several key initiatives:

1. Citizenship Through Investment

The Turkish government has introduced a compelling incentive for investors: the opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship through their investments. This avenue opens up provided certain conditions are met, notably that the property possesses a minimum value of $400,000. Notably, this is a significant reduction from the previous one million-dollar requirement. Additionally, it is stipulated that the property cannot be sold within three years of purchase.

2. Streamlined Property Ownership

It takes investors a mere five days to secure property ownership in Turkey today. This swift process owes its success to the numerous facilitative measures initiated by the Turkish government. Real estate companies and agents in Turkey, officially sanctioned by the government, guide investors through the process, making it hassle-free.

3. Tax Benefits

The Turkish government has significantly reduced the real estate taxes imposed on investors. This tax relief is tailored to align with the investors' income and the returns they derive from their investments. Tax exemptions are also available, particularly for those who invest in industrial real estate.

4. Infrastructure Development

A robust infrastructure plays a pivotal role in the success of real estate investments. Turkey is currently undergoing several infrastructure projects, such as the Istanbul Canal project, which was recently launched. These projects and several more in the pipeline are geared to benefit investors.

5. Flexible Residency Options

Turkey caters to investors by offering various residency options, including real estate and tourism residences. However, real estate residency remains popular due to its simplicity and numerous advantages. Acquiring it is straightforward, requiring only property ownership without additional prerequisites.

6. Deferred Interest Payments

Investors enjoy the flexibility of postponing interest payments for the initial five years. This payment delay significantly covers project costs, alleviating financial burdens by up to seventy percent.

7. Property Choice and Location

Turkey provides investors with a wide array of real estate options and allows them to choose properties that align with their preferences. Investors can select their desired locations, except for security or military zones, pending official permits.

8. Access to Loans

The Turkish government supports investors who may not have the total financial capacity to purchase a property. Investors can secure loans from banks with reasonable, reduced interest rates, enabling them to enter the real estate market.

In conclusion, it becomes evident that the Turkish government plays a pivotal role in attracting Arab and foreign investors to Turkey's real estate market. The facilities and incentives offered here surpass those available in many other countries, making Turkey an alluring choice for savvy investors looking to build their real estate portfolios.



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