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Ataşehir district opened its municipality in 2008 and announced its accession to the Greater Istanbul Municipality.

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Last update 25-12-2022
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What do you know about the Ataşehir district in Istanbul?

Ataşehir district opened its municipality in 2008 and announced its accession to the Greater Istanbul Municipality. Ataşehir district is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, close to Kadikoy, Maltepe.

Atasehir is located on the D100 highway that connects it with the European section via the Eurasia Tunnel, and the E80 road links with the European team via the E5 road.

Ataşehir is considered one of the new areas in Istanbul and is characterized by being a residential area and considered a middle-income place as well as high-income people.

It owns many international hotels such as Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton, and mega-hotels.

The area is famous for its multiple modern shopping centers compared to other sites, making it a suitable place for the needs of residents and tourists.

Ataşehir Istanbul Apartments

Ataşehir Istanbul Apartments | Properties in Ataşehir

Atasehir real estate has many residential complexes, medium buildings, and high towers. The average height of the buildings is nine floors, and this helps you choose the property you would like to own within the options of apartments in complexes or stable structures, and even towers; we also help you find Luxury apartments in Istanbul or apartments For sale in Istanbul if you are looking for other areas.

Advantages of the Ataşehir Region

Ataşehir district is famous for the presence of the financial center in Istanbul. This project is considered one of the most significant projects in Istanbul, as it provides all the buildings of the largest banks, financial institutions, and many international banks and large companies.

The financial center in Istanbul will provide an integrated experience for the region's residents. In addition, it will help a large number of foreign investors to obtain extensive services in the area.

Ataşehir Apartments

Prices of apartments for sale in Istanbul Ataşehir

Do you have a question about the costs of apartments in Turkey? In Istanbul, real estate prices are variable according to each region, and in Ataşehir, average prices start from 160,000 US dollars. If you want to know the latest projects and costs, you can fill in your data to contact us.

Luxury apartments for sale in Ataşehir, Istanbul

Atasehir is a new area in Istanbul. It has provided several luxury apartments in the financial center, so it will not be difficult for our team to find your request. Luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul if your first interest, and villas for sale in Istanbul If you are looking for a villa purchase option.

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If you are looking for a safe and reliable real estate company where you obtain your ambition to buy a property in Istanbul, then you are in the right company; leave your data to know all the details and information about Ataşehir Istanbul Apartments.

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