Luxury apartments istanbul

Most investors prefer buying luxury apartments Istanbul as it is an ideal option for investment, whereas apartments with sea views are an excellent choice for investment.

Luxury apartments istanbul
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Last update 17-02-2023
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The city of Istanbul has taken a great place in the tourism sector globally and is considered a destination for a large number of tourists around the world who are interested in the vast tourist areas as well as forests, monuments, 

and museums, then looking for luxury apartments in Istanbul will be a suitable option for those looking for real estate investment with comfort and stability.

With the increasing turnout of investors from all over the world, especially in the field of real estate investment in Turkey, the Turkish government's decisions, the largest of which is the law of obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying one or more properties, contributed. 

It was a significant turning point in the increase in real estate purchases in Turkey, especially in Istanbul.

Therefore, many people are looking to buy a property in Istanbul, and many investors are looking for luxury apartments in Istanbul.

Luxury apartments istanbul

Why buy luxury apartments in Istanbul?

Most investors prefer buying a luxury apartment in Istanbul as it is an ideal option for investment. In contrast, luxury apartments in Istanbul with sea views are an excellent choice for real estate investment.

Luxury properties meet the investor's needs and ensure that he obtains annual profits faster and more guaranteed than regular apartments. 

The rental options are faster because Turkey is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. In addition, a large number of tourists prefer to obtain a distinctive residence by providing services accompanying the project, such as a Private swimming pool, tennis court, sauna, closed car parking, and a large number of services offered by the construction projects that guarantee the best amenities and pleasure.

luxury real estate in Istanbul

What are the prices of luxury real estate in Istanbul?

You will primarily be interested in the budget set for purchasing a property. 

You will see different prices in Turkey and Istanbul in particular due to the number of advantages and services each housing project provides.

If you are planning to buy a downtown property, its value will be high compared to the prices of properties far from the city center, which are often reasonably priced. 

Also, if you aspire to buy a property with a sea view, its price will be different from properties that do not have a sea view.

Turkey offers many options, particularly the city of Istanbul, due to the size of ready-made housing projects or under construction in multiple areas of the town and with numerous advantages that suit your budget and needs.

luxury apartments

Why should you buy luxury apartments in Istanbul?

Real estate in Turkey is the most risk-free investment. By purchasing real estate, you can get lifetime earnings.

Furthermore, you will immediately have title deeds by purchasing a property worth at least $400,000. You will get Turkish citizenship with your family!

You will enjoy a comfortable life by buying a property in the center of Istanbul or a property with a sea view. Moreover, while you are close to the city's most important areas, you will also have the opportunity to benefit from a robust Turkish passport after obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Private brand construction projects offer great opportunities when buying a property. 

They provide complete services in swimming pools or sports salons, a closed car garage, 24/7 protection and security, and many other benefits that vary from one residential complex to another.

Your investment will pay off quickly as Istanbul real estate guarantees absolute profit to investors, with the property value increasing by 200% in the last year.

Apartment price in Turkey is rising rapidly. So when you buy a property, you will surely make a profit. 

Real estate investing is an excellent way to generate profits in Turkey. You can buy a property and rent it later with a guarantee from our company, especially if it is in an apartment complex.

1- Beyoğlu District:

This area is located in the European section of the prestigious city, in the heart of the town. It is considered one of the most prestigious and luxurious neighborhoods and areas in the middle of Istanbul

It is considered very special because the real estate character dominates the residential complexes, which are considered very luxurious. It includes shops, commercials, distinctive brands, and prestigious malls. Despite all these specifications any real estate searcher dreams of, their prices are not unbearably high; on the contrary, they are suitable for most social classes.


2- Basaksehir area:

The Basaksehir area in Istanbul is one of the newly built areas in Turkey. The surprising thing is that during this short period, it was one of the areas of wide fame and a promising future, especially in terms ofreal estate investment. Although their orientation towards it is dense, Basaksehir is surrounded by calm and serenity, as it has many services. 

It is enough to know that it includes one of the largest medical cities in the world, in addition to its proximity to important development projects in the country; all these details make it a distinctive destination for those looking for quality and excellence.

3- Basin Express:

One of the most critical areas in Istanbul is remarkably luxurious / equipped with the best modern technologies / its infrastructure simulates international modernity. Projects are still being established in it until this moment, close to important sites such as Istanbul International Airport and Ataturk Airport. These things make it a popular real estate investment destination. The most significant number of investors can achieve success for themselves and the results they want to reach. 

The type of real estate that dominates the region is the residential complexes, which accurately indicates the real estate level.

4- Beylikduzu:

This is the modern destination located within Istanbul with all its details, infrastructure / its, markets / stylish construction/modernity of interior decorations / the view that real estate enjoys in it; it is free, and the vast majority of people prefer this. 

Beylikduzu has always witnessed the construction of current real estate projects. As a result, it continuously records an increase in the price of its real estate, which reassures real estate buyers that it will be profitable and its financial returns will be high.

5- Sariyer:

This area, the real estate which there are lovely and luxurious in an indescribable way, is, as it is said, integrated real estate. 

The view is luxurious, the internal specifications of the property are hidden, and from the outside, there is a variety of service packages. Still, the only thing that makes it unsuitable for some is that real estate prices are very high, and this does not agree with So many material budgets that those who visit it almost feel that those who live there all belong to one social class, the rich and the business people.

Luxury villas for sale in Istanbul

The option to buy a villa in Istanbul is the easiest compared to other areas in Istanbul, as it meets the goals of investors who are looking for the choice of villas; in particular, the site is characterized by its direct view of the sea, and this is one of the reasons why villa projects are abundant in Istanbul and helped enormously in competitiveness Among the construction companies.

Especially regarding the prices and services they provide, many projects offer a swimming pool, playgrounds, protection and security, saunas, Turkish baths, and many facilities that meet a modern and distinguished lifestyle.


What can Deal real estate offer you?

In our company, we are always keen to choose the best property for our customers and seek to satisfy all tastes through various real estate projects in Turkey.

 Where we have a variety of apartments and real estate units, such as:

Duplex apartments, villas, offices, shops, student housing complexes, and family-friendly projects in Istanbul, so you should know how many square meters you will need.

We are distinguished by the fact that our projects have the best views of the city, as we provide all customers with various options of views such as projects with a charming sea view, and others overlooking forests and lush gardens, in addition to many projects in the center of Istanbul and the most vital areas

Deal harnesses all its capabilities and great experience in the real estate field to provide all its clients with the best services and help investors, as well as those who want to buy apartments in Istanbul, get the best options. Among the essential services, we offer you:

Real estate rental and finding the right tenant.

Preparing all documents for renting real estate, collecting monthly returns, and depositing them in the client's account.

It is paying attention to the property, following it up periodically, and making the necessary repairs to appear in its best appearance.

They maintain regular contact with customers to inform them of all updates and developments on their properties.

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