Differences between public and private sector universities in Turkey

Differences between public and private sector universities in Turkey

Differences between public and private sector universities in Turkey
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Today, Turkey is the world's first destination for all disciplines and fields, so we see a large number of people choosing it to achieve their desired goal. One of the most important segments that go to Turkey is the student segment.Education in Turkey is famous for its high quality and its many methods, and Turkey, like any other country in the world, has governmental and other educational institutions that belong to the sector. private, but what are the main differences between them? The following lines will guide us to the most important of these details.


-The most important papers that are required for registration in public and private universities?

1- Governmental: passport / high school diploma / transcript / certificate in Turkish or English if available / university entrance exam result.

2- Special: passport / high school diploma/transcript / Turkish or English language certificate, if any.


How can I enroll in both public and private universities in Turkey?

1- Governmental: Registration is done through differentiation after a date set by the university. The student goes on time and submits the required papers. He is also asked to fill out a form with the required data, in addition to the necessity of specifying desires according to priority.

2- Private: Also in this educational sector, the application is by differentiation, but here there is no arrangement of desires. It is one desire made by the student, and then he will have to wait for the university to send them the approval. The student will have to pay a sum of insurance to confirm his continuation in this university, which is a thousand US dollars, after which he can do all the required procedures such as submitting papers and others.


Which universities in Turkish cities are usually preferred by students coming to Turkey?

One of the cities that students prefer to study in is Istanbul the most, but if the student wants to study in its public universities, the chance of acceptance will be small, as it is witnessing a large turnout, but if he chooses its private universities, the chance of acceptance will be great.


Which are better, private or public universities in Turkey?

We will not be able to be certain which of the two sectors is better. Many public universities excel in their capabilities and capabilities over private universities. Without prejudice to any party, we can say that Turkish universities, with their public and private branches, are of a high level of quality and distinction.


The most important advantages of studying in private Turkish universities?

1- If it is selected, it means that the student has chosen his comfort, so he will not have to waste two years in university entrance exams, as happens in public universities.

2- The student can then choose the university that suits him most in terms of location and services, similar to public universities in which he will not be able to express his opinion.

3- The student will also have the opportunity to choose one of the undergraduate programs offered by these universities in the English language.

4- The student can choose the academic branch he likes besides the language he prefers.

5- Also, private universities are distinguished by their high educational quality, as they are equipped with the latest technologies and programs that work on developing the student’s skills and abilities.

6- We must mention that many private universities offer installment offers for students over a comfortable period.

7- We should also know that these universities are not very expensive. Some universities pay 6000 Turkish lire annually after the discounts, and this is very reasonable.


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