Important information about Turkish universities scholarships for foreign students

Important information about Turkish universities scholarships for foreign students

Important information about Turkish universities scholarships for foreign students
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Many foreign students around the world today have a common dream, which is to obtain university degrees and a distinguished and globally recognized academic education... Most Arab students who prefer to study in Turkey are those with Arab nationalities .... And their choice of Turkish was not absurd, but It was because of the many components that these universities possess, and what helped in this matter is that Turkey offered them many free grants... What is the information related to these grants and who are the recipients of them? .... This is what we will realize its dimensions after completing the reading of the following article.


-First of all, what are the scholarships offered by Turkish universities for foreign students?

In addition to being free, it includes all disciplines and study levels, from bachelor's to doctoral degrees... Almost every year, more than four thousand scholarships are offered.

It is a golden opportunity, especially since Turkish universities today have a global status, some of which have been ranked among the first five hundred universities in the world... The education they provide is of high quality and distinguished.


What are the advantages of studying in Turkish universities through one of the scholarships offered?

1- Students who receive the scholarship must know well that their accommodation will also be free and will be within the housing designated for students. Those who do not like this matter can choose to live abroad, but in this case, their housing will not be free... But whoever chooses the first option will get Their meals are free as well.

2- The matter will also obtain health insurance that enables the student to be treated in all and various hospitals and health centers that belong to the government sector free of charge... If he chooses treatment in hospitals that belong to the private sector, the cost will be reduced.

3- Traveling from the student’s country to Turkey to start studying will be at the expense of the Turkish state. The same thing when he finishes his studies and packs his bags to return to his homeland, the cost of his return will be borne by the Turkish state.

4- He will not pay the registration fees at the university / he will get the student residence permit that authorizes him to do many different activities.

5- He will learn and master the Turkish language for a full year / he will have the opportunity to enjoy life on Turkish land and visit the special places in it.

6- A student who studies in Turkey’s universities under a scholarship will receive a monthly stipend and for each stage a specific salary... Bachelor’s 800 TL / Master’s 1100 TL / PhD 1600 TL.


Are there certain conditions for obtaining a scholarship to study in Turkish universities?

If the student wishes to study for a bachelor’s degree:

He must not be over the age of twenty-one / He has not previously studied in the specialty offered to him at another Turkish university / He has obtained an average of seventy percent in the secondary certificate for all specialties and ninety percent for medical specialties.

He can also apply even if he has not finished his secondary school education... This is based on the previous year.


A copy of the passport that is not expired / transcript or photocopy of it / a copy of the secondary certificate / personal photos .... Make sure that it is translated and certified.


If the student wishes to study for a master's degree:

The student must be under the age of thirty, and must not have obtained a bachelor's rate of less than seventy-five percent.


If the student wishes to study for a Ph.D.:

He must not be more than thirty-five years old / and he must have obtained a GPA of seventy-five percent and above in the master's degree.


*An important note about this matter:

It is preferable to seek the assistance of a reputable educational authority to register for one of the scholarships offered because it is the most experienced and knowledgeable in this regard... It is also working to secure the best seats for students who deal with it.

Because of all those privileges and facilities that we have shown through the previous lines, many foreign students are rushing to get a place for them among those seats .... And you too can get your place.


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