New amendments to obtain tourist residence in Turkey 2022

The most important new laws and conditions for obtaining tourist residence in Turkey

New amendments to obtain tourist residence in Turkey 2022
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Last update 24-12-2022
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The law and its conditions

The Turkish government issued new laws for foreigners wishing to obtain tourist residence in the country, which began to be implemented on February 15, 2022.

According to the new amendments, those wishing to obtain a tourist residence permit must document the rental contract of the house by the landlord and not by the foreigner wishing to obtain it, in addition to including identifying information in the contact form. In contrast, previously, the applicant for tourist residence was satisfied with providing the address of the place of residence in Turkey in detail.

Also, the foreigner must submit a copy of the lease contract, notarized by the Notary, during his application for residency, in addition to other documents.

Each person undertakes to host a maximum of two persons at the same residence address in which he resides to obtain residency.


Those who wish to apply for a tourist residence permit in Turkey and leave the country before receiving the residence card must appoint a lawyer to receive the residence permit in case they do not have first-degree resident relatives.

As for the establishment of souls (residence address), all those wishing to carry out the process of establishing souls in all the municipalities of Istanbul must go to the Foreigners' Division in the "Beyazit" area instead of the soul's department, which each municipality belongs.


Conditions for obtaining a tourist residence in Turkey

  • Submit a document or document explaining the reason for requesting a tourist residence permit in Turkey.
  • Commitment to living in Turkey within the conditions of residence that do not affect public health and safety standards.
  • Submit a home rental contract notarized by the landlord.
  • Submit a criminal record document, requiring it to be issued by the competent authorities of the country of origin or legal residence.
  • Avoid falling within the scope of Article 7 of Turkish Law.
  • Four clear personal photos with white background.
  • A copy of your passport, translated and certified by a notary public.

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