Reasons why foreigners choose to study in Turkey

Reasons why foreigners choose to study in Turkey

Reasons why foreigners choose to study in Turkey
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Last update 24-12-2022
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There must be many advantages and incentives that make international students choose Turkey for study and scientific Research. Students always aim to choose the best and enter the field that secures them the most qualitative future, especially those that do not exist in their countries of origin. What are these incentives? The following lines will highlight them all.


What are the reasons that made foreigners choose Turkey to study?

1- Scientific Research:

Turkey is famous for this research on its soil, especially as it has a lot of researchers, whose number is about seventy thousand. But in addition, about one hundred and fifty thousand researchers are working part-time, and despite all these numbers, it still needs many researchers. Turkey has a sufficient budget to launch all kinds of Research and studies.


2- High quality of education:

The high quality of education also characterizes Turkey. It offers to its students. It follows superior and well-studied curricula so students can obtain many skills and information. Turkey is keen to keep pace with the latest scientific developments in the world and is preparing its universities with the best educational cadres of professors and lecturers And following the latest educational methods.


3- Globally Recognized:

One of the most important things for students is that the universities in which they study are recognized at the global level, and this is what is achieved within the Turkish universities, which were able to reach advanced ranks in the ranking of international universities and were able to carve a name for themselves among the most important universities, and this was what he had A significant role in attracting students from all over the world to pursue their educational attainment.


4- Universities have important accessory components:

By these components, we mean libraries and laboratories that benefit the student in his studies, just as in every university, there are recreational annexes such as a gym and gymnasiums, and in every university, there is housing for students who are not able to live outside, university housing has simple and modest prices.


5- Affordable costs:

Also, the costs that the student will pay are considered appropriate for him, whether in terms of paying fees or living costs. Perhaps this is one of the most prominent reasons why students chose Turkey instead of European countries, whose costs are almost unbearable.


6- There is a variety of cultural packages:

Since Turkey has enjoyed many ages, the student will be enriched culturally and intellectually with it, as it has a beautiful mixture. We must mention that the student will be able to achieve many friendships, as Turkish people are quick to integrate with others. Turkey also shares several traditions and customs with other countries that will not make Aliens feel strange.


7- Good food service

Also, Turkish universities provide food to their students with good quality and at reasonable prices, and the student will have the opportunity to choose food outside the university's restaurants and cafes, as many restaurants in Turkey offer the most delicious Turkish, Arab and international cuisine, forgetting all tastes.


8- Easy transportation:

What attracts students to choose Turkey as a place to study is the diversity of its means of transportation, including land, sea, and air, as there are different types of buses, trams, and Metrobus, in addition to boats and planes, all of which connect all parts of Turkey, and this is what interests students greatly to reach their university at the specified time.


9- Various real estate:

If the student does not want to live within the university housing of a desire for more privacy, this is possible, as he can rent a property alone or with a group of students. Real estate prices in Turkey are suitable for everyone, and there are different forms of apartments to suit all needs.




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