The growth of the real estate sector in Turkey and its impact on the Turkish economy

The growth of the real estate sector in Turkey and its impact on the Turkish economy

The growth of the real estate sector in Turkey and its impact on the Turkish economy
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Last update 24-12-2022
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This rule is not limited to Turkey only but is a general rule with fixed assets that applies to all countries around the world, which is that the real estate sector and the economy have the same fate. If the first prospered, the second would be prosperous as well, but we will single out Turkey in this regard today only through the lines that we will mention to you.


How can the real estate sector leave its mark on the Turkish economy?

Turkey has provided the opportunity for many foreigners to own a property in Turkey for its own interest before their own. The entry of foreign capital means an increase in national income, which means success and economic excellence. Today, it is ranked number thirteen in the world, and it has never been satisfied with this, but rather aspires to progress more than that... The truth is that it has all the tools and means that make it able to achieve this progress... Will it be able?


The real estate sector in Turkey and its struggle with the recent crisis:

Who is this last crisis? Certainly, we are talking about the epidemiological crisis that swept the world, but its impact was not consistent and unified on all countries in the world. For safety... The evidence for this is that today there is a clear increase in the quantities of its real estate sales, especially after it announced breaking the ban restrictions and a complete return to normal life. We see that real estate investors have adjusted their compasses to move them towards Turkey.


What are measures are taken that led to the growth of the real estate sector in Turkey?

1- Continuing to increase the number of development projects in the country:

This factor is one of the most important concerns for the investor when choosing a place to establish his investment, and Turkey takes good care of this aspect to attract the investor's eye. Today, it is implementing more than one project on the ground, and one of the most important of these projects is the new Istanbul Water Canal in which the first stone was placed Almost twenty days ago, and some projects were opened last year, such as the Basaksehir Medical City, which was opened during Corona, and this is an explicit challenge to all the crises that could exist, and there are a large number of projects that are still under papers and which are expected to be completed Implementation soon... All these details can increase real estate sales in Turkey.


2- Increasing the number of real estate projects:

Turkey is not satisfied with its real estate projects only but has striven to increase the number of these projects. We always see that there are new projects under implementation, in addition to real estate development projects that remove the signs of the real estate pyramid, these projects can be found especially in the regions New or promising real estate .... These projects will certainly make real estate seekers on a date with what they are looking for. This will be in solidarity with Turkey being diverse on the real estate level.


3- There are many facilities and incentives offered by Turkey:

Whoever chooses the real estate sector in Turkey is choosing to obtain a lot of advantages. The Turkish government has allowed those who choose a property that conforms to the conditions set by it to obtain Turkish citizenship, and the most important of these conditions is that the property has a material value of not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars. It is being sold three years before it was bought / They have also lowered property taxes in a way that is proportional to their earnings.

At the end of this article, we can conclude that there is a close relationship between the real estate sector and the Turkish economy being at its peak of prosperity and superiority. Perhaps this is one of the first reasons why the Turkish government took care of the real estate sector in the way we saw in the previous article... And there are more results. The impression that the real estate sector in Turkey will present in the future indicates further economic upgrading.


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