What about Gulf investments in Turkish real estate?

What about Gulf investments in Turkish real estate?

What about Gulf investments in Turkish real estate?
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Last update 24-12-2022
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Those who hold Arab nationalities strongly prefer real estate investment in the Turkish state, especially those who hold Gulf nationalities... This is based on many of the elements owned by this country... They are fully aware of the advantages that they will obtain from those investments... What is the size of their investments on Turkish land? What are his motives for these investments? .... This is what we will discover through the following article.

How big is the Gulf real estate investment in Turkey?

According to official bodies, Gulf investors in Turkey constitute the largest proportion of foreign investors...In just four years, they bought about 22,000 properties....which is approximately 22% of the properties sold to foreigners.

Which Turkish cities have been most admired by Gulf investors in Turkey?

Their orientation was like most foreign investors who apply for real estate investment .... Istanbul was their first kiss, based on the fact that it possesses all the ingredients for successful real estate investment, as many modern and huge real estate projects are built according to international standards of construction, and the quality and keeping pace with the latest modern developments of construction base on which to walk.

The solid infrastructure that Istanbul enjoys is one of the main reasons that made Istanbul a choice for them. This element assures them that their investments will bring them abundant profits and satisfactory returns.

Istanbul also has a great variety of real estate, which makes them meet the real estate they are looking for... The properties that they are interested in villas/palaces/apartments that are located within residential complexes.

It is also important to mention that the city of Antalya was a destination for them because it has a tourist nature that attracts tourists to it, and the same applies to the state of Trabzon.

Why might Gulf investors buy real estate in Turkey?

1- There are many goals among them... The vast majority of them buy it to be a place of residence for them while they are on the Turkish land, as they prefer to spend vacation times and summer vacations there.

2- A percentage of them intend to buy real estate investment and obtain high profits and returns.

3- And of course the Gulf people, like other foreign investors who buy real estate in Turkey... It is to obtain Turkish citizenship, as we know that the Turkish constitution stipulates the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship if the properties of the property conform to the established conditions, the most prominent of which is ... Its price should not be less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, and it must be committed not to sell it before the lapse of three years from the date of its purchase.

4- If the property does not have specifications that meet the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, it will be possible to apply for real estate residency, which in turn provides them with many advantages as it allows them to reside on Turkish land legally... There is also the possibility of renewing it.

5- What encourages them to take this step is that there is a great similarity between the customs and traditions that fall between the two societies, and the religious character that prevails is the Islamic .... which assures him that it will be in harmony with this society.

6- The Gulf investors chose Turkey's real estate over all other countries because it is characterized by the nature of stability that surrounds it...Turkey is economically stable and even advanced / and the same is true on the political level... These aspects give him the status of safety and confirm That his move is correct.

7- Life within the Turkish state means living within a cultural atmosphere, as thanks to its tourist places and archaeological landmarks, it provides them with an overview of the arts, knowledge and creations that existed in previous periods of time.

After completing reading this article, we will have a broad idea about the status of Gulf real estate investments in Turkey .... We will also have known the reasons why they chose Turkey over all other countries around the world...

Investing in real estate in Turkey was an option for Gulf investors....and you, what about you? Do you like real estate investment in Turkey? Or do you prefer other countries?

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