Where do you spend your summer vacation in Turkey?

Where do you spend your summer vacation in Turkey?

Where do you spend your summer vacation in Turkey?
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Today, we are at the gates of a huge tourist season in Turkey. Most of the tourists around the world today are preparing themselves to come to it, due to the elements of the great tourism that it possesses and which distinguishes it from other tourist countries. An integrated place in terms of tourism that satisfies and meets the desires of many tourists, but what are the most important places that are suitable for summer tourism in Turkey? We can find out from the lines that we will mention right away.


The most important places to visit in Turkey in the summer:

1- Riviera beaches:

These beaches are also called the Turquoise Coast, and in every tourist season, these beaches witness a large number of tourists who come to them to the point of heavy congestion, and they are not only preferred by foreign tourists but also by local tourists as they choose them to spend their holidays and vacation times This area also includes several tourist resorts that visitors prefer because the services they provide are very integrated but some advise not to visit these beaches in the winter because they are too cold to be possible.


2- Alanya State:

This state is also excellent for summer tourism, as it has vibrant beaches that are always active and are lit as well, which gives it the character of safety and comfort, and the active movement that it witnesses is throughout the day and night, and close to these beaches there are a large number of various shops that include A variety of products, some of which are local and some of which are international brands, and shops are selling traditional products, in addition to several restaurants and cafes distributed everywhere in Alanya that offer the most delicious food, so whoever visits the beaches of this city will enjoy great pleasure and luxury.


3- Bodrum:

It is a peninsula bordered by water on three sides. It has the choice of many tourists around the world. It is distinguished by its moderate climate, which is preferred by many people. It is also rich in cultural and historical terms. It is considered a suitable place for those who love adventure and experience unique and distinctive things. It is also the perfect place to practice Water sports such as surfing, water skiing, swimming, and diving lovers, and based on all the details, Bodrum today is one of the favorite places for everyone.


4- Fethiye:

We call the Turkish Fethiye a metaphorical city, but it is in fact a very small state, but it is nonetheless distinguished from the tourist point of view due to the many components that Turkish Fethiye possesses. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea in the beginning, has a deep history, and is very culturally rich, and we must mention that it contains very ancient ruins and tombs made of carved rock, in addition to it includes a huge coastal amphitheater. Whoever visits this place will be in front of several activities that he can do such as swimming/diving/kayaking/skiing and so on. In addition to many details, it is a wonderful and unique tourist opportunity.


5- Kemer:

It has a view of the Mediterranean Sea and is considered of unique beauty that stems from the fact that it has many tourist places. At first, it has stunning beaches with clear blue water and is made of stones and pebbles, similar to some other sandy beaches. Those who visit Kemer will have a great opportunity to enjoy With all the aesthetic details and the practice of some water activities, which are often swimming and swimming.


6- Marmaris:

Marmaris has a constellation of brilliant tourist places and its tourist places are natural, that is, they belong to the various aspects of nature, and some of them belong to the historical and cultural field. Research If these are the factors that made it rise on the tourist side, today it witnesses huge numbers of tourists, and it is one of the best places for summer tourism

Turkey has a large number of tourist places that are excellent for summer tourism. It is noted in the places we mentioned above that they all have a water view, and this is what the tourist usually likes the most in the summer.


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