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Educational Facilities

Sancaktepe has a well-structured educational system that caters to the needs of students from pre-school to post-secondary. The district has 59 public schools, including 36 primary schools, 17 middle schools, and 6 high schools. Additionally, there are 9 private schools in Sancaktepe.

The district also has a vocational high school and a technical high school, which offer specialized education to students who want to pursue careers in specific fields. These schools provide practical training in areas such as automotive technology, electronics, and construction.
Sancaktepe is a pioneer in education technology in Istanbul. The district has implemented state-of-the-art technology in its classrooms, including interactive whiteboards, tablets, and laptops. This technology is used to enhance the learning experience of students and provide them with the necessary skills to succeed in the digital age.

The district also has a mobile application called “Sancaktepe Education Portal” that provides students, teachers, and parents with real-time access to information about their education. The application allows parents to monitor their child’s attendance, grades, and assignments, while teachers can use it to communicate with parents and students.




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Married : 65%

Unmarried : 27%

64 Km2

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