Best Turkish Furniture Brands

We have prepared a list of Turkish furniture brands based on a large number of characteristics that interest our customers and those who wonder about them.

Best Turkish Furniture Brands
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Last update 25-12-2022
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Most of Deal real estate’s clients feel a little anxious while buying a property in Turkey, where they search for several ways to satisfy their desires while designing a home furniture brand. There are thousands of Turkish furniture brands where Turkish furniture companies are distinguished worldwide in terms of quality of manufacture and innovation of new and traditional designs.

Turkish furniture brands

Turkish brands provide high quality compared to other global markets by providing a large number of decoration materials and furniture, such as bedroom sets and salon rooms, as well as a large number of chairs and other things that help you to get the complete table from A to Z.

We have prepared a list of Turkish furniture brands based on many characteristics that interest our customers and those who wonder about them. You can rely on these furniture companies to get the best results in building furniture inside the house.

top 10 Turkish furniture brands

List of top 10 Turkish furniture brands at affordable prices for everyone

  • Alfemo Mobilya
  • Bellona
  • Enza Home
  • Edas
  • Dogats
  • Istikbal
  • Mudo
  • Assuva
  • Art life

Several Turkish furniture has received great approval from Turkish citizens and foreigners who have purchased furniture through these companies that provide reasonable prices for everyone with a wide choice of furniture that you may want to buy.

There are always different prices, and the difference is due to competition between companies and also because of the quality, so you can search among these companies for the furniture you want to buy; the prices range from 10,000 Turkish liras up to 50,000 Turkish liras, depending on the room you choose.

Top 10 Luxury Turkish Furniture Brands

List of Top 10 Luxury Turkish Furniture Brands

Many famous and prestigious Turkish furniture brands usually export outside Turkey daily, so if you are looking to buy furniture inside or outside Turkey, this list will be necessary during your search process. You can use it or share it with your friends.


One of the best furniture companies, it is a direct source for furniture companies in many countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Germany, and America. It was founded in 1965 and collaborated during its career with manylian designers, an. This is one of the most significant advantages that make its designs a combination of beauty, quality, and cost.

Lazzoni furniture  

It is considered one of the oldest furniture brands. It has participated with many designers around the world in many productions that have distinguished itself since its beginnings in 1897, and this is a significant number when we talk about trust between the customer and the company from which he buys furniture. In Istanbul and Ankara, there are also a large number of stores in Turkey and outside the countries of Europe, Asia, and America.


You can easily search for Zebrano and see them in many countries worldwide in Europe, A, America, and Africa, especially in the Middle East. It owns more than 40 stores, is famous for its luxurious classic furniture, and is considered one of the most critical leading Turkish furniture.

Fatih Kıral

It is considered one of the most famous companies in Turkey in terms of elegant and integrated designs for all consumers in Turkey and around the world; it was opened in 1980 and is renowned for providing furniture service for a large number of residential projects in Turkey and also exporting to America through their cooperation with a large number of furniture factories in America.

Kastamonu Mobilya

It owns the most famous furniture store in France. She has been in the Turkish furniture industry since 1980, sells her goods in retail, and is characterized by high quality.


A Turkish furniture quality furniture brand that started working in the year 2000 has become popular with residential projects in the furniture process and is considered one of the leading Turkish furniture companies.

Voga furniture

Voga owns several stores in Istanbul and several countries in the world, with more than 30 years of experience producing Turkish furniture.

Kervan Mobilya

It is one of the most famous Turkish brands.

buy furniture in Turkey

How do you buy furniture in Turkey? Tips before buying

There will be no difficulty in choosing the furniture you want, and you do not have to worry in terms of selecting the furniture brand you want to buy from, as we have mentioned to you the most essential and reliable furniture companies for you to buy from and we leave you the choice in that

Therefore, your task is to do more research on the furniture you want to buy, especially if you are looking for exclusive or original models.

  1. You must determine the color that matches the walls of your house and the floor and pay attention to the sunlight that enters your room.
  2. You should be concerned about the dimensions of the room and its proportion to the pieces of furniture you want to acquire.
  3. Request detailed information about the materials for furniture production that you are inquiring about.
  4. Make sure of the warranty and all operations before and after the sale in terms of the loading and installation process and the cost incurred by you.
  5. Verify the invoices for everything you have purchased, mentioning them in detail.
  6. Shipping and receiving guarantee if you live outside Turkey.

These are priorities to keep when you search for furniture companies, and our sales representatives will support you smoothly and efficiently.

In the end, we hope that we have contributed to your assistance by providing a list of the most crucial furniture companies that our customers have long been searching for and also for those who are looking for them on our site. If you think this article is essential to your friends, share it with them.

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