Check out the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul

Check out the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul

Check out the most beautiful beaches in Istanbul
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Last update 05-01-2023
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One of the places that tourists usually prefer to visit when they go on a tourist trip is the coastal and marine places and beaches in general, especially in the summer, and if their destination is Istanbul, their desire becomes doubled to get to know the most important of those beaches that are located inside, are those beaches really Is the city characterized as beautiful and distinctive? Who is it? And what is its most important characteristic of it? And what activities can you do when you visit it? Learn about it in the following article.


The most important beaches to visit in Istanbul:

1- Golden Beach:

This beach is not available to everyone, as it is for women only, and it is not the only one in Turkey designated for this category. There are several others, but it is the most prominent, most of what you mean are veiled women. It can be found within the Bosphorus, specifically in the Sariyer area. It is easy to access through one of the Public transportation that passes through that area.


2- Nakki Bay Beach:

This beach is centered on the Asian side of Istanbul, most of which are visited by Arab tourists due to its proximity to their country, and this beach is located close to the Princess Islands, which makes the tourist in front an opportunity to achieve two goals together, the first is to visit Naki Bey Beach and the Princess Islands at the same time, This beach has been around for more than thirty-five years and is still today a special destination for tourists. It has soft, rock-free sand, and this indicates that it is suitable for children's swimming.


3- Dalian Beach:

It can be found in the European section of Istanbul, and it is considered one of the distinctive beaches, as it includes some playgrounds/restaurants/cafes / and many other amenities, and one of its most wonderful things is that it includes places designated for reading, because it is characterized by calm, and of course, it is wonderful To practice a lot of water sports such as diving, kayaking, swimming, etc. from many different activities.


4- Borg Beach:

This beach is located near the forests of Belgrade, which makes the coast an opportunity to visit both places at the same time. The beach has a view of the Black Sea and is distinguished by a length of two kilometers, and close to it there is a cafe and a car garage, and based on these details, it is the focus of The eyes of many tourists today.


5- Kilios Beach:

As this beach overlooks the Black Sea, it provides an essential opportunity for tourists to enjoy the distinctive atmosphere of the Black Sea. It is also distinguished by its clear water and shiny yellow sand. It includes places designated for barbecue, but it is a mixed beach that is not suitable for veiled women at all.


6- Florya Beach:

This beach took its name from the city in which it is located. This beach is one of the beaches that has attracted the attention of tourists in general and residents of the region in particular. This beach is located near vital places and service centers such as shopping centers and Ataturk Airport. Florya Beach has a splendid view of the Marmara Sea. Those who visit this beach can enjoy the distinctive atmosphere that this beach provides in addition to the possibility of practicing several different sports, and it is suitable for family trips.


7- Kadikoy Beach:

This beach extends along the Sea of ​​Marmara, and it is a place that tourists usually visit, because it includes a lot of diverse and different recreational and tourist facilities, and because of its many aesthetic components, we find it crowded every year with many tourists, as it overlooks the distinctive princesses islands, and through nearby restaurants. From them, you can enjoy one of the meals it offers... In general, it is a special trip that everyone is looking for.

In conclusion, we can conclude that the city of Istanbul has many distinctive beaches that many people looking for beauty and pleasure prefer to visit. You can choose one of them. Which one would you choose?

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