How can real estate profits in Turkey be doubled during the tourism season?

How can real estate profits in Turkey be doubled during the tourism season?

How can real estate profits in Turkey be doubled during the tourism season?
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Last update 21-12-2022
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Excellence and creativity appear through the smart idea and the huge and abundant profits that can only be gained by taking advantage of opportunities and proceeding within a well-thought-out and organized plan .... And the real estate investment project needs these points specifically to be distinguished and has high returns .... And if we are in Turkey, the opportunity will be available, so there is no need to search for it, as the tourism seasons are the opportunity through which profits will be doubled.

But in order to double the profits in the tourism seasons, a clear plan is necessary .... and this is what we will learn about in the following article.


-First, we should get acquainted with the best tourist properties in Turkey:

1- Tourist apartments:

Many tourists, when they come to a country, prefer to stay during their stay in an apartment in order to enjoy an abundance of comfort and privacy... This type of apartment can be found in Turkey in residential complexes/duplexes/penthouses, as they are equipped with modern styles that Ensure complete comfort.

If the tourism apartments are chosen to invest in them, a well-thought-out plan must be followed in their selection. For example, they should not be located in a secluded area, but should be close to the city center / close to shopping centers / not far from public transportation lines for ease of movement and movement / It should also be located near the natural and archaeological tourist sites / and it is important to enjoy a wonderful legendary view, as tourists usually prefer apartments that overlook the coast... The more luxurious and distinguished the apartment's location and specifications, the greater its returns will be.


2- Villas:

Villas are also one of the options that tourists prefer, especially if their number is large, and the residence in them is characterized by being healthy, and this suits the epidemiological situation in which the world is living... Also, the more accurate its selection, the more profits you will get. What you will earn over the course of the year.


3- Hotels:

It is the first choice for tourists as it is easy to find, and hotels provide them with many services that make their stay enjoyable and comfortable... It is impossible for investment in tourist real estate to fail, especially if its location is chosen correctly as if it is inactive vital areas preferred by tourists as well. .... The services provided therein should be of high quality.


4- Hotel apartments:

It is also important to point out that hotel apartments are undisputedly the best option, based on the high-end services they provide, but what is wrong with them is that their prices are high in a way that does not suit everyone, but it remains an option for the rich .... Its returns will be high, which makes it an opportunity for investors.


5- Restaurants/cafes/entertainment places/children’s play areas:

These places are the choice and the place that every tourist is looking for... The idea of ​​investing in them is one of the wonderful ideas and its returns will be fantastic, especially in the tourist seasons. These places will not be intended by tourists only, but by local residents as well .... Also these Places need to be selected based on the correct basis, and these bases are determined by the nature and composition of the country.


These are the best suitable cities for profitable tourist real estate investment:

1- Istanbul:

As it is the first choice of tourists when they come to Turkey, it is known as the capital of beauty and contains distinctive places of archaeological landmarks and natural sites... According to many experienced people, its choice was successful and the investment returns in it are better than all other Turkish cities.


2- Trabzon:

Also, this city can never be contradicted by tourists, especially those who love natural places among them... That is the case of real estate investment in it, which recorded a wonderful and satisfactory success.

Successful real estate investment, whether it is in touristic, residential, or other types, will be linked to following the existing plans... Choosing the city and then choosing the appropriate real estate category... The previous article tried to clarify all the points that guarantee access to double profits from Real estate investment in the tourism season .... Perhaps it was useful.


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