Important questions about foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey

Important questions about foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey

Important questions about foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey
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Last update 16-08-2023
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And the project of owning real estate and apartments in another country far from the mother country is still a project that many people have, with the aim of many goals, which are often housing/investment/tourism....etc of multiple goals... Among the countries that are chosen by the Turkish state, based on the many positive things and the advantages that it offers them... 

However, they have a lot of questions about this matter. In the end, Turkey is a country with its own laws and regulations, about which they do not understand much.

Therefore, today we will be with you to answer your most important questions on this matter .... You can continue.

-First question: 

What guarantees that foreign ownership of real estate in Turkey is available?

It is as well, according to the law stipulated by the Turkish Constitution nearly ten years ago, which allowed foreigners to own real estate on land in Turkey by many laws and conditions established... Turkey has also abolished the law of reciprocity.


-Second question:

What are the steps that lead to real estate ownership in Turkey?

Obtaining a tax number is an important matter, which is very easy to obtain, which is required for all transactions that a foreigner may need later in Turkey.

The passport should be translated into Turkish and then attested, and this is at the notary’s office.

Completing the signing of the property purchase contract with the seller and paying the first payment of its price, which is often 25% of the total property price.

- Commitment to all required papers and documents, which are personal photos/title deed / real estate number and land on which it is located/paying all fees incurred such as property tax.

-Third question:

Will the foreigner be restricted in the number of properties he can buy in Turkey?

Perhaps some may ask such a question and actually that the Turkish government has limited the area that a foreigner can own, which should not exceed thirty hectares throughout Turkey... This is not an arbitrary decision at all, but on the contrary, it is based on the principle of spreading justice and equality among all.


-Fourth question:
Is the real estate appraisal document a mandatory matter that must be adhered to when buying real estate in Turkey?

Yes, it is one of the conditions that cannot be dispensed with, especially if the purpose of buying the property is to obtain Turkish citizenship, as it is the only evidence that the property has reached the specified price limit for obtaining Turkish citizenship... One of the most important roles that this document plays is that it protects the buyer from Being vulnerable to real estate fraud and manipulation.

It is important to realize that this document is valid for three months from the date of its issuance.


-Question Five:
Are real estate prices in Turkey expensive, or are they appropriate?

This is the first thing that may come to the mind of anyone who is about to buy real estate in Turkey or other countries... One of the most important reasons why many people and investors choose Turkey for real estate ownership, as it is distinguished from other countries with its real estate prices Which are considered modest in addition to its quality of construction, design and materials used... Without exaggeration, it is a real opportunity whose fruits will be ripe.


-Question Six:
What can be benefited from real estate ownership in Turkey?

-Some People buying these properties for living and stability, especially since Turkey is famous for being a stable environment / its services are wide, which secures the individual a life that is closer to being comfortable and comfortable / and that Turkey has lived through some past cultures and civilizations, it provides a cultural and knowledge atmosphere for individuals.

Also, many people take it as a way to climb the stage of real estate investment and get good financial returns sometimes and at other times they are high, especially in the tourist seasons.

Six questions followed by six answers that can summarize many of the questions that those who are about to buy real estate in Turkey may ask... These lines will also emphatically confirm the dimensions of buying a property in Turkey and the most important obligations that must be adhered to.

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