Real estate guide in Turkey

Real estate guide in Turkey

Real estate guide in Turkey
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Last update 19-04-2023
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Whether the next person to buy real estate in Turkey is a Turkish or a foreigner, he will need a guide or a real estate agency that has sufficient experience and knowledge to guide him in the directions that must be adopted. Thus, the investor has become completely on the safe side, and today there are very many questions about the real estate market in Turkey and everything related to it, There are those who ask about the types of real estate that can be found? Is there anyone who asks about the papers needed to buy real estate? Some ask about the real estate taxes incurred by real estate owners....and many other questions that we will answer in the following lines.


What types of real estate are there in Turkey:

One of the most important pieces of information that real estate buyers in Turkey should search for is the many types of real estate that exist within this country, as it is known that Turkey includes many very different types of real estate among them, which assures the investor that he will inevitably find what he is looking for, but those who He is about to buy this real estate to learn about the pros and cons of each of them, as well as the negatives and results that can be issued from them, but later on, the investor will have to make his choice? Determines his ability to invest any of them? He should specify his budget for it because he should bear in mind that each real estate option has a certain price.


It must be realized that Turkey has several views:

This is also one of the details that real estate buyers should take into account. Turkey has a view of four important seas and also overlooks beautiful places. For example, whoever chooses to buy a property within residential complexes will have a view of a beautiful garden and large green spaces, and there are traditional views, so it is necessary to Determine which views you prefer, because based on which the region and the city will be determined, and of course the price of the property is determined based on it.


The aspects that contribute to the success of these properties must also be recognized:

Turkey has a constellation of reasons that make buying real estate in Turkey special. It has many ingredients that make it a popular idea for many investors. It is enough to know that real estate prices are low and appropriate, especially if we compare them with real estate prices with other countries such as the European Union, for example. In addition, Turkey has a distinctive infrastructure and it greatly affects this future of real estate, and the Turkish government has not been satisfied this moment with the projects it has presented, and it is still innovating new projects until today, the latest of which was recently launched, and it is planned to establish several other projects such as the establishment of Medical cities, highway network expansion, etc. are many details.


-There is a close relationship between Turkish real estate and Turkish citizenship:

It is also important for those who are about to buy real estate in Turkey to realize that the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through it is great if they comply with the conditions specified for it, the most important of which is that the price of the property is not less than two hundred and fifty thousand US dollars, and it should be Undertaking not to sell it before the lapse of three years from the date of its purchase.


Turkey is polarizing tourists with high numbers:

We must also mention that Turkey has a lot of tourism components that make it the center of admiration for tourists from all parts of the world, and therefore this is enough to guide us that the real estate sector will have a different and distinct matter in it because Turkey every year attracts millions of tourists... This is from The things that must be taken into consideration. If the property is close to these tourist sites, the returns will be absolutely high.

At the end of this article, the reader will have taken a reasonable idea of ​​what the real estate situation in Turkey is in general, and become fully aware of what steps he must take to reach a satisfactory result, and he will be able to put the real estate situation in Turkey in comparison with other countries and see any The palms will swing and then the decision will be made.

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