The amount of the increase in house rent in Turkey for February

Learn about the amount of the increase in house rent in Turkey for February

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Last update 25-12-2022
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The Turkish Statistics Authority has determined the percentage of the increase that the property owner is entitled to request from the tenant in the event that his contract expires in February of 2021, and he wants to renew for another year.

According to what Turkish websites have published and translated "The Economy of Turkey and the World," the authority stated that the rate of increase in rents for the month of February was 12.53 percent.

This increase is usually determined based on the 12-month average consumer price index, which is 12.53 percent.

Accordingly, the rent increase that the tenant will have to pay in a thousand liras in February will be 125.30 liras, while the rent increases to 125.30 liras.

The following are examples of rental prices after determining the percentage of the new increase:

- The old rent: 1.000 liras - The new rent: 1125 liras

- The old rent: 1100 liras - The new rent: 1237 liras

- The old rent: 1,200 liras - The new rent: 1,350 liras

- The old rent: 1,300 liras - The new rent: 1,462 liras

- The old rent: 1,400 liras - The new rent: 1,575 liras

- The old rent: 1.500 liras - The new rent: 1687 liras

- The old rent: 1,600 liras - The new rent: 1,800 liras

- The old rent: 1.700 liras - The new rent: 1913 liras

- The old rent: 1,800 liras - The new rent: 2,025 liras

- The old rent: 1.900 liras - The new rent: 2138 liras

- The old rent: 2000 liras - The new rent: 2250 liras

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