What are the advantages of investing in Beyoglu district?

What are the advantages of investing in Beyoglu district?

What are the advantages of investing in Beyoglu district?
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Among the diversity of areas witnessed by the city of Istanbul in Turkey, the Beyoğlu region has a remarkable and distinguished presence, as it is one of the most Istanbul regions witnessing an investment demand, and this leads us directly to the fact that it has the elements of investment, especially real estate... What are these advantages? Is investing in Beyoglu will bring great benefit to its owner?

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The most important outlines of the Beyoglu district in Istanbul:

First, this region is located on the European side of Istanbul, and this alone is enough to attract the investing eye to it.

Also, this area is surrounded by distinctive sites, in addition to its large area, which is about 8.67 square kilometers.

Its population today has reached four hundred thousand people, including a large part of those who hold foreign nationalities.

Its general character is vitality and activity because it includes the most important foreign embassies and consulates.

Beyoğlu does not lack historical character, as it contains many tourist places that attract the attention of tourists.

It is the largest and oldest area in all of Istanbul, in addition to containing some important and well-known neighborhoods such as Taksim / Istiklal Street.

It is of great importance to many people, because it has a connection with history, and its history can be identified through its ancient landmarks.

It is important to mention that it is the commercial center of the whole city.


Many advantages that characterized the Beyoğlu region:

-The services provided by Beyoglu are distinctive, which makes them suitable for comfortable housing and perhaps a profitable investment, especially during the tourist seasons.

Beyoğlu includes many lively markets that provide its visitors with an enjoyable time, and among the best of these is the famous Istiklal Street, which has the advantage of the longest shopping street in Istanbul and is a serious competitor to European markets. Historic and archaeological buildings.

It also contains the distinctive fish market, which has existed for more than forty-five years... It includes all kinds of fish, as it is not only a place to spend necessities, but it is a place that reflects a specific culture and interest.

There is also the famous Enbolu Market, which is considered one of the oldest Istanbul markets at all, and it is the place that the tourist is looking for, which includes a lot of various shops, and there is a section of them that includes handicrafts.

-Because Beyoglu is characterized by its touristic character, it contains many distinguished hotels with high-quality services that provide it to its guests... Any tourist who comes to Turkey prefers it to enjoy the greatest degree of comfort.

It is also important to mention that Beyoglu includes a good medical base, in which there are several medical centers and health units that compete with their quality, technologies, and medical staff on the European continent.

Beyoğlu also includes a variety of distinguished educational institutions, especially universities, where Beykent University and American University are located.


Reasons for the boom in real estate investment in Beyoglu:

The investment will be prosperous in it due to the presence of many luxurious restaurants and distinctive cafes, which are almost devoid of visitors.

Beyoğlu real estate is characterized as a great option for housing and stability, like all the necessities of life are available in it, in addition to the fact that the prices of its properties are suitable for the vast majority of people as it suits their financial budgets.

Many students take it as a place for their residence, as it is the perfect place that makes their lives comfortable and easy, in addition to being a wonderful cultural environment.

At the end of these lines, we will only be able to say that the Beyoğlu area is one of the ideal and ideal places suitable for buying real estate. It is in this area that it will be suitable for investment and its returns will be satisfactory and will be suitable for other goals as well .... Active /, in other words, it is integrated .... What do you think of it.


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