Advantages of buying a property in Zekeriyaköy

The importance of Zakariakoy district in Istanbul

Advantages of buying a property in Zekeriyaköy
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Istanbul is the preferred destination for many people around the world, and not only for the Turkish community, because it has many advantages and positive details .... And those looking to buy real estate in Istanbul are among the options that they do not move away from, as it has many areas and real estate options...

One of its most important areas is Zekeriyaköy Heath, the harmonious mixture of all the touches of creativity, excellence, and art in design and construction.

But what are the most important advantages of buying real estate in it? What can it be used for? .... This will become clear through the following lines.

-The most critical outlines related to the Zekeriyaköy district in Istanbul:

-Firstly, it can be found in the European side of Istanbul and belongs to the special Sariyer district.

Almost everyone who chooses to buy real estate in Zekeriyaköy belongs to the wealthy class because the prices of real estate and apartments in it are unsustainably high.

- Special Features:

Only a stone's throw separates it from the Bosphorus. It is also very close to the beautiful Belgrade forests with unique natural ingredients .... which gives it a tourist character that attracts tourists.

Choosing this area for a real estate investment project is undoubtedly a successful option, as according to many experiences, the material returns that will result from it are very high.

-Choosing her as a place of residence and stability is a very healthy and exemplary choice, as Zekeriyaköy is a place equipped with all the ingredients that secure a decent and distinguished life for its residents.

- The distance between this area and the Bosphorus Strait is estimated at only 6 km and 8 km from the Black Sea, in addition to being very close to the center of Istanbul.

- It also enjoys an unparalleled infrastructure in terms of excellence and modernity .... and the presence of many essential service centers such as markets/health units / educational institutions, and so on, among many things.

- It is also very diverse on the real estate level so apartments can be found, some of which are located within the residential complexes and others are separate from them... Also, we should know that they contain distinctive villas and are suitable for those who want to invest in real estate in Istanbul.

-According to many studies and statistics conducted on the real estate situation in the country, it has been concluded that Zekeriyaköy is one of the areas that witnessed an increase in the prices of real estate and apartments.

-The prices of real estate in it start from 500.000 US dollars and above, often reaching up to 3.000.000 US dollars, and this is enough staggering numbers to make the vast majority of buyers regress in their steps a lot .... and this leads us directly because rents will face The same story, as it starts from two thousand five hundred thousand US dollars per month and ends with thirteen thousand.

-All properties in this region have been designed according to the modern and modern approach to construction....the materials that have been approved are international... They are also resistant to earthquakes and natural disasters if they occur.

-One of the most distinctive features of this area is that it has a lot of vast green spaces, whose presence is considered a target for the tourist and the citizen who lives within its real estate, and it also contains plains/hills / close to the seashore as well.

Many people prefer it because it is characterized by a calm character that envelops it in all its aspects, as the sources of noise and noise are far from it.

General advantages:

These properties are entitled to grant their owner Turkish citizenship or real estate residence if his specifications match the conditions specified for obtaining it.

With all these features mentioned above, the real estate of this region is enough to bring its owner to the result he wants to reach.

Zekeriyaköy is one of the attractive options that many investors and individuals choose for typical and luxury real estate .... Did Zekeriyaköy include your desire for the environment or the place you are looking for a property? What do you think of it? Is it, as it is said, one of the best areas for real estate investment in Turkey in general?

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