Property sales in Turkey during February 2022

Property sales across Turkey have increased by 20.1% in February compared to the same month a year earlier

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Last update 24-12-2022
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97,587 apartments were sold in Turkey in February


Property sales across Turkey increased by 20.1% in February compared to the same month the previous year and 97,587 properties were sold. Istanbul had the highest share of real estate sales in Turkey with 18,752 apartment sales and 19.2%. According to the number of sales, it was followed by Ankara with 8 thousand and 464 sold apartments and a share of 8.7 percent, and Izmir with 5 thousand 575 sales and a share of 5.7 percent.


4,591 properties were sold to foreigners in February



Home sales to foreigners increased by 54.9% in February compared to the same month in the previous year and became 4 thousand 591. In February, the share of home sales to foreigners in the total home sales was 4.7%. Istanbul ranked first in home sales to foreigners through 1958 of property sales. It is followed by Antalya with 1999 sales, and then Ankara with 288 sales respectively.


Most of the real estate sales for February 2022 were for Iranian nationals, and sales amounted to 711 properties in Turkey. After Iranian citizenship, Iraqis ranked second with 633 properties, and Russians ranked third with 509 properties.


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