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Last update 25-06-2023
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Turkey is famous for its remarkable real estate renaissance at the local and global levels… Investors come from all poles of the earth to visit Turkey and invest in real estate within it!

In addition to real estate investments, tourism investments are made in Turkey! And in one way or another… Investments and tourism components are pillars of real estate investment in Istanbul, Turkey!

Our discussion in this article revolves around the villas in Istanbul, which are the intersection of real estate investment and tourism investment in Istanbul, Turkey!

Are there any offers for villas for sale in Istanbul, Turkey? What are the characteristics of these offers?

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What are the characteristics of the villas for sale in Istanbul, Turkey?

Diversity in location and view

There is no fixed place for Resale Villas in Istanbul. However, you can find real estate offers that include cheap villas, within any Asian and European part of Istanbul, Turkey!

The views of the villas in Istanbul vary between sea views, tourist places, mountain heights, residential projects, malls, and others…

Resale Villas in Istanbul

Decorations and designs

Villas for sale in Istanbul are based on interior and exterior decorations and designs and Turkish urban designs. Turkish architecture is known for its antiquity, antiquity, and high aesthetic privacy…

Diversity of villas for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, in terms of spaces, antiquity, and modernity… You can find villas for sale in Istanbul, ancient or modern, according to current technological foundations…


Are there cheap villas in Istanbul, Turkey?

Yes, the price offers to vary between the regions of Istanbul and the elements of real estate investment in Istanbul…

Offers of Resale Villas in Istanbul are found in most Turkish regions and within the Asian and European sides.

Cheap villas for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, are more located on the Asian side… But, on the other hand, there are affordable villas for sale in Turkey Istanbul within the European side of the state of Turkey!

In general, real estate prices, including villas in Istanbul for sale… are competitive and cheap compared to real estate prices in other European or foreign countries…


Is it possible to apply for Turkish citizenship by buying Resale Villas in Istanbul?

Everyone who wants to invest in real estate in Istanbul wishes to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying real estate in Istanbul, Turkey, including villas!

Cheap villas for sale in Istanbul, Turkey, are suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment.

To obtain Turkish citizenship, it is required to purchase one or more properties, whether a villa, apartment, shop, or land, with a value of 400 thousand US dollars or its equivalent, according to the dollar's exchange rate!

Real estate companies in Istanbul enable you to access the most generous offers of cheap villas for sale in Turkey Istanbul and the latest ones, especially those suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship; that is, the estate should be worth 250 thousand US dollars or more!

Cheap villas

How do the prices of Resale Villas in Istanbul vary?

The prices of Resale Villas in Istanbul vary according to many components and specifications, the most prominent of which are:

The location, where the price of villas in Istanbul increases as the villas approach the vital projects in Istanbul, such as the Istanbul Canal, the Third Istanbul Bridge, and the new Istanbul Airport. The price also increases as the villas approach transportation, especially modern roads such as the Istanbul metro!

The view... The view that the villa enjoys controls its price in terms of its direction, breadth, type, and whether it is a sea, mountainous, or other...

Space. The prices of villas in Istanbul are increasing exponentially with their area. Villas with small rooms are less expensive than villas with large spaces!

Decoration and design, where the prices of Resale Villas in Istanbul vary according to the methods, embellishments, colors, furnishings, raw materials used, and the quality of these materials…

The modernity or age of the villa, the prices of the offers vary between old villas in Istanbul and modern and modern villas in Istanbul, and the recommendations of modern villas in Istanbul often fall on relatively high price values... At the same time, ancient villas with historical and heritage values ​​have their prices!

Regarding the readiness of the villa, there are various and many offers that include cheap mansions for sale in Turkey Istanbul, and there are ready-made villas and villas under construction and preparation...Ready-made villas are relatively the most expensive.

Cheap villas for sale in Istanbul

Resale Villas in Istanbul are of great tourist interest!

Istanbul villas are one of the most attractive properties for tourists coming to Turkey to stay during their stay in Istanbul, especially since Istanbul is one of the most famous states in the world!

Resale Villas in Istanbul is an ideal real estate option for establishing renewable tourism and real estate investment project.