Sakarya | All details you need to know about Sakarya

Sakarya and the city's university is the pioneer that must be mentioned in Sakarya. The fish-rich lakes of Sakarya are essential in terms of tourism in Turkey.

Sakarya | All details you need to know about Sakarya
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Sakarya and the city's university is the pioneer that must be mentioned in Sakarya. Furthermore, the fish-rich lakes of Sakarya are essential in terms of tourism in Turkey. Besides, it is a city frequently visited by citizens and foreigners due to its natural forests and recreational areas.

Cultural tourism also has an important place in Sakarya Province. For this reason, the hotels and accommodation areas in Sakarya add attractiveness to the city.

The fifth-largest city in the Marmara region

The 22nd most populous city in Turkey

Living conditions are rapidly improving in Sakarya. There is a significant transformation in the city. Sakarya housing projects rapidly gain value due to their valuable location and areas.

The contemporary structures developed in Sakarya are drawing attention due to population growth and regional shifts. Request an appointment with expert sales consultants at Deal real estate. Now, get more information about Sakarya Turkey!

Where is Sakarya located? How to go to Sakarya? 

The most searched and asked question about Sakarya is the location of the city of Sakarya in Turkey. The distance between Istanbul and Sakarya is very short. Transportation is also effortless.

From Sakarya to Istanbul

Istanbul is the most popular and populous city in Turkey. You can reach Istanbul from Sakarya in your car via the highway. You can also take the high-speed train from Istanbul Pendik to Sakarya within 1 hour and 10 minutes.

If you are arriving in Sakarya from Istanbul Airport, you can also take advantage of the buses for free.

Besides, you can quickly reach Sakarya with your car from Ankara, Kocaeli, and Izmir.


What does the weather look like in Sakarya?

The Black Sea climate is defined in the Sakarya Governorate, located on the Black Sea coast. However, the general Mediterranean climate is specific in the south.

The agricultural products produced in Sakarya have a significant share in the Turkish economy due to the climatic characteristics of the city.

Average annual temperature: 14 degrees

The most important agricultural products grown in Sakarya:

• hazelnut

• olive

• Fruit and field crops

• Livestock farming has a 51% share of Sakarya's economy.

• Fisheries have an essential share in Sakarya's economy as well.

• The city is also suitable for fruit growing, vegetable production, and livestock farming.

Around the lakes in Sakarya

If you are looking for lakes in Sakarya, you must have heard of Sapanca Lake. However, there are recreation areas, forests, and lakes where you can have fun.


• Sapanca Lake: It is located between Sakarya and Kocaeli. The water of Sapanca Lake is used as drinking water.

• Poyrazlar Lake: It is about 7-8 km away from the center of Sakarya.

• Akgol: a lake rich in fish and surrounded by natural forests

• Kucuk Bogaz Lake: There are recreational areas located around it.

• Lake Gokchoorn: The lake, which expands in winter and shrinks in summer, dried up in 1967. It is currently used as agricultural land.

• Lake Akarlar: It is full of water lilies. Boat and jet-bike tours are organized on the lake, which is famous for its diversity of flora.

• Akgol Lake.

Sakarya is famous for its Sapanca Lake. Significantly since the Arab population has increased in the region recently. In addition to the area's natural beauty and cultural activities, new housing projects have also provided additional value.

 sakarya university

About Sakarya University

Sakarya by international students of all nationalities who want to get an education. Also, Turkish citizens from different cities in Turkey would like to get an education at Sakarya University which has gained a good reputation in the Faculty of Economics, Administrative Sciences, and Engineering.

Sakarya is an added value to the city, as it is trendy among students worldwide.

Industry and agricultural products each have an essential share in the economy of Sakarya. Moreover, Sakarya has rapidly gained value with the increase in students and international companies.

Sakarya is rapidly transforming with the rapid development of the real estate sector and the demand of tourists who want to live in the area. If you would like to learn about the latest Sakarya news and opportunities in the real estate market, request an appointment with Deal real estate. Please find out about special offers from our expert sales advisors!

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