How is the process of buying real estate in Turkey online?

Steps to buy a property online in Turkey

How is the process of buying real estate in Turkey online?
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Last update 25-12-2022
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One of the most important provisions of the Turkish Constitution is that it allows a foreigner to own real estate in Turkey remotely and through the Internet without the need for personal presence, and all of this is within regular procedures.

Recently, online real estate sales have increased due to the preventive measures imposed due to the Coronavirus. Travel and movement between countries are no longer available. As a result, many construction companies have tended to sell their properties this way and are committed to providing all guarantees that reassure the customer.

But how can a property be purchased in this way? What motivates many people to follow? Many details related to this matter can be found in the following lines.


Steps to follow when buying property online in Turkey:

1- Real estate investigation:

First, whoever buys a property online should write to the construction company or the seller to inquire about the property and its advantages and to know the essential details. The most critical information that must be presented in this regard is the area in which the property is located, the area of ​​the property, and its price.


2 - View the property and see some of the available options:

The real estate company dealing with it must inform the customer about the most critical options in the real estate market in Turkey that fit his desires and his financial budget. Therefore, viewing the property and its details through a video is essential.


3- Acquisition procedures:

  • After the property is selected, an agency must be sent to the real estate company or broker through the Turkish embassy or consulate in the buyer's country. Then the real estate authority will undertake all legal procedures, organize papers, and negotiate the right and price and the delivery date. Finally, the contract will be signed and the first payment sent of its price through the bank.
  • In the next stage, the real estate company will register the title deed in the buyer's name and then send copies of all signed contracts and papers to the person concerned.
  • In the last stage, the owner of the property will be able to receive it when he submits it to Turkey.



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The most important reasons that prompted many to buy a property online:

One of the first reasons why many people take it is that it is easier and shortens time, and costs are lower, as there are no travel costs, hotel reservations, and so on from many expenses.

  • The great desire to own real estate in light of the safe conditions that the Turkish state enjoys and the many facilities provided by the real estate market in Turkey has become a target for many searchers for real estate for sale.
  • Ease of carrying out the required procedures remotely, transferring the required amount as a price for the property, and sending documents to the buyer.
  • The desire to obtain Turkish citizenship is because it is easy to obtain it through real estate ownership if the price is not less than 250.000 US dollars.
  • Desire to invest in real estate, as Turkey has all the ingredients for the success of this project, and one of the most prominent of these ingredients is the superior economy, and this was confirmed after many of the world's economies were affected by the health crisis that afflicted the world.
  • Real estate prices in Turkey are reasonable and cheap, in addition to all the quality of design, luxury, and modernity of construction, which cannot be found in real estate in other countries.
  • What prompted many to buy property in Turkey, whether online or through personal presence, is its richness in the many real estate diversities that suit all tastes.


Are there downsides to buying real estate in Turkey online?

  • Some risks will undoubtedly follow this step. Falling into the real estate fraud trap becomes more accessible, especially if the buyer does not know ​​the details of the real estate market in Turkey. The price may be manipulated or provide specifications that do not match what is on the ground.
  • The real estate company may be unreliable or deceptive; to avoid this, care should be taken to deal with a reliable real estate agency with a wide reputation in this field.
  • In this context, choosing a ready-made property rather than one under construction is recommended because the last option is easy to manipulate with its specifications. Still, the ready-made property is far from this matter.
  • The process of ownership and completion of procedures may be delayed due to an error in the papers, so the buyer must make sure that the information they contain is accurate and correct before sending papers and documents.

Turkey provides many options and facilities for those wishing to own real estate on its land, and many people do not hesitate to buy a property online in Turkey to reach their desired goals and achieve their goals.

After all this, what do you think of owning real estate online in Turkey? Is it the right move?



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