How to buy a property in Istanbul 2021

Learn about the best ways to buy apartments in Istanbul in 2021

How to buy a property in Istanbul 2021
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Last update 07-11-2023
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Many people who want an apartment in Turkey do not hesitate to go to Istanbul specifically and not to other Turkish cities because of its many advantages and advantages.

It is certain that a city the size of Istanbul and its diversity of regions, which recorded 39 areas in both its Asian and European sections, will have difficulty finding an apartment for sale in it. For that, we will provide you with a compass that guides you on ways to buy an apartment in Istanbul.


These are the ways to buy an apartment in Istanbul:

1- By real estate companies:

It is the most popular method at all like it, thanks to its extensive experience and knowledge in the real estate field in Turkey, it can provide its client with the most critical real estate and investment opportunities, and it also excludes the buyer from being a victim of real estate fraud.

Also, real estate companies in Turkey have distinguished relationships with construction companies. Therefore they provide their client with what suits them, taking into account the desires he wants to have in the apartment and their financial budget.

It also performs many legal procedures and steps on behalf of its clients, thus shortening them considerable critical distances and saving them effort and fatigue.

It provides them with the real estate consultancy they need and informs them about the most critical projects in Turkey, as it takes them on field tours and presents them with the options available for them to choose from.


2- Real estate websites:

There has been a lot of resort to this method in buying a property recently, as it has become possible to buy a property online without needing personal presence. This is what prompted many foreign investors to choose it. You can view the pictures of the property and see all the information related to the property.

* In both cases, the assistant real estate agent must be chosen well, as it must be experienced and knowledgeable, and it must be avoided from submerged parties, as it will not lead its client to the desired result.


The most important criteria that help the buyer to find an apartment for sale in Turkey:

1- Determining the purpose of the property:

-This is the first step to finding an apartment for sale in Turkey, based on which the apartment will be selected since if the purpose of buying it is real estate investment, care must be taken that it is located in a vital area and close to service facilities and public transportation. It should be chosen with a small area Or medium, and avoid having a large area, because there is a lot of demand around it, like the latter, and if there is a desire to sell it, this is easier.

- Many people aim to buy apartments in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship, and thus its price should be at least 250.000 US dollars with a pledge not to sell it before three years have passed from its purchase date.


2- Determining the material budget:

Money is the main element in choosing the apartment, based on which the location/area/view of the apartment/number of rooms/condition of the apartment / the floor on which the apartment is located / the interior design/services provided in the building will there be an electric elevator? Is there a guard and what about parking? Each of the above works to determine the price of the apartment.

It is important to note that the prices of apartments in Turkey vary primarily according to the city in which they are located, as real estate prices in Istanbul are much higher than in other cities.


The most important advantages of buying apartments in Istanbul:

Its geographical location is a critical factor in attracting investors to it, as it sits on the throne of two continents, both Asian and European.

- Its large population is close evidence that real estate investment will have high returns, and Istanbul receives foreigners continuously.

- Istanbul bears the tourist character, based on all the archaeological and historical monuments, natural places, and beautiful parks, which indicates the importance of investing in tourist and commercial real estate.

- Istanbul is witnessing a broad real estate diversity, as one of the most prominent types of apartments in it are those located within the residential complexes, which are considered a distinguished option because they are equipped with all means of protection or safety, and the return on their investment is high.

- Istanbul includes many mega projects that have acquired a tremendous global status, such as Istanbul Airport, which ranked first in the world, and this also contains the new Istanbul Canal, which was considered the project of the era and will have a positive impact on many different sectors of the country, genuine estate.

So, apartments for sale in Istanbul can be found through several means, and the buyer himself sets criteria.

Buying an apartment in Istanbul is a distinct option loaded with many positives, which is why many investors tend to choose it, so are you looking for a specific option? It must be what you are looking for.



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