The most nationalities buying real estate in Turkey

The most nationalities buying real estate in Turkey

The most nationalities buying real estate in Turkey
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Last update 23-12-2022
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Today, Turkey is the first destination for any investor around the world who has a desire to invest in real estate, as it has proven to everyone the status of its real estate sector, thanks to a large number of advantages that it possesses as its economic strength and thanks to the support of the Turkish government for these investors, as it was with them, not against them, and far from the details that made them They choose them as a haven for their investment. What are the most nationalities that invest in Turkey based on its advantages? This is what we will know precisely through the article that we will present immediately.


The most popular nationalities in the world to buy real estate in Turkey:

According to the official authorities concerned with monitoring these numbers, Iranian investors are the most accepting of this step, according to a statistic about them. In just two months, they bought nearly nine hundred and fifty properties. In the second place, Iraqi investors acquired it. Also, in just two months, they acquired seven hundred and eighty properties. And the third place went to investors who hold Russian citizenship. During the same time period, they bought about five hundred and ninety properties. These three models that we were going to talk about are considered the most in-demand for buying real estate in Turkey, and there are Arab nationalities who prefer to own real estate in Turkey. Especially those who hold the nationalities of the Arab Gulf states, and it has been noted that there is an increase in the demand for this step from Algerian and Palestinian investors as well.


What is the ranking of the Turkish cities that have attracted the interest of real estate investors in Turkey?

Istanbul has always been admired by investors as the first choice for them. In a very short period of time, it did not exceed two months, and its real estate sales recorded about four thousand and twenty properties, and then it was Antalya, as its real estate sales were about one thousand and nine hundred properties, and in the third place was the Turkish capital, Ankara, by a large difference from what preceded it, where Its sales recorded five hundred and fifty properties, and the fourth place was for the province of Yalova, and later came Sakarya, then Mersin, Trabzon, and finally Izmir.


The city of Istanbul in Turkey has some different regions, which one caught the attention of investors the most?

In the beginning, Esenyurt, which is located in the European section of Istanbul, acquired the largest share of the sold properties, as in a short period it was able to sell about two thousand and five hundred properties, and then Sancaktepe and Bundak and then Qadikoy, followed by Basaksehir, Beylikdüzü, Kartal and many other areas in varying numbers.


-Why do these investors prefer Turkey to own real estate rather than all other countries of the world?

1- Perhaps because the Turkish government was supportive of them in all their steps, it eased the taxes imposed on their real estate and there are some cases in which it exempted them from taxes permanently, and it also made it easier for them to obtain Turkish citizenship if their property met the conditions, as if its price was two hundred and fifty US dollars. It is sold three years before it was bought, this nationality, in turn, offers them a lot of advantages.

2- They were fully confident that their investment in the Turkish territory would be successful. This brilliant economy would certainly contribute to making real estate investment distinctive and with satisfactory results. As we know, the Turkish economy today is ranked thirteenth in the world.

3- The luxury of living in Turkey is also one of the first motivators that made them take the step of real estate investment in Turkey, as its apartments are equipped with the best modern systems and technologies, and Turkey has an excellent infrastructure worldwide. Its transportation lines are wonderful, distinctive, and comfortable, in addition to the fact that it has highways that pass time. Distances are shortened.

4- We must point out that Turkey is emerging in the medical sector, and it possesses a large number of medical institutions equipped with the best equipment and the best medical staff, and Turkey contains several integrated medical cities, all of these details make the investor reassured of what is ahead, and the same talk applies to Educational Institutions some institutions and universities are internationally famous today, despite their recent existence.

At the end of this article, we can see many nationalities that preferred real estate acquisition in Turkey. We also tried to explain the reasons that made them choose Turkey specifically, were they valid reasons.


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