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Most areas in which there are villas for sale in European Istanbul

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Last update 25-12-2022
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Among the great real estate diversity that Istanbul is witnessing today, some prefer to search for villas to buy, and some wonder which side in Istanbul is better to look for villas for sale, European or Asian? If the buyer chooses the European section, what areas should the search begin in? Are they all suitable for this purpose? The following article will answer all your questions with great accuracy.


Areas on the European side of Istanbul that contain suitable areas to find villas for sale in:

1- Beylikduzu area:

Usually, those who like to buy villas are looking for them overlooking the sea and the Beylikdüzü area is one of the areas that have this feature, in addition to the great importance of the area, as it is surrounded by all sides, and this area is characterized by its advanced infrastructure, which makes this area desirable to achieve many goals, whether they are For housing and stability or investment, it is characterized by being elegant and modern for that day. It is the focus of attention of real estate investors in general and lovers of private villas, and finally, it provides luxury and comfort for all its residents thanks to the passage of the Metrobus line from within.


2- Arnavutkoy area:

It is adjacent to the Black Sea in its location and is very close to Istanbul's new airport, which gives it great importance. It is very suitable for the acquisition of villas due to its charming nature and its many features. We must know that the Belgrade forests are part of it and its infrastructure is given special care and is still business today. It is developed and maintained, and it is a mixture of rural and urban, which makes it preferred by many and its reasonable prices for many people.


3- Çamlica area :

This area is purely rural with a sea view. It is distinguished from other areas in that it has spacious green spaces, including horse farms and lush green orchards, surrounded by calm on all sides and silence. It is a wonderful opportunity for a residence preferred by many in addition to the fact that the prices of its villas are not exorbitant, as they are reasonably reasonable. far.


4- Silivri area:

Whoever is looking for villas surrounded by aspects of beauty and charm and at the same time at relatively cheap prices must head towards the Silivri area, in addition to the fact that the residence there is comfortable and quiet, and it is planned that in the coming day's many development projects will be held in it, such as providing it with transportation lines to Move to and from it becomes very easy, as, for the interior villas, they are distinguished by their very large areas, luxurious modern designs, and lovely sea views.


5- Buyukcekmece area:

With its large spaciousness, it includes villas for sale. The purchase of villas in buyukcekmece area is a wonderful opportunity that it is good to seize, which made it this position as it is a little far from the center of Istanbul, which gives it uniqueness in the view and great calm, as it includes a variety of service packages from shopping center to medical center and institutions educational, and it is very high-end in line with a lot of people.


6- Yesilyurt area:

Choosing the Yesilyurt area to buy villas is a fantastic opportunity, as it is lively and active, which suits many individuals.


What are the villas in Istanbul in the European part?

The areas that we reviewed and reviewed in detail, they contain tourist villas due to the picturesque nature and the calm surrounding the place. It includes ordinary, traditional villas. Other areas include luxury ivory villas that are considered historical. They can be found in Maslak, Zakariakoy area, and so on from those areas whose price is considered too high. The areas we mentioned are the first choice for many people. They make more sense in all their details.

So the opportunity to buy villas in Turkey is available and possible for everyone, and the previous article is the best proof of what we say, as the search process can start from it.



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