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Last update 23-12-2022
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General information about Trabzon

Trabzon in Turkey is considered one of the most important touristic cities for its wealth and considered one of the most beautiful tourism destinations in Turkey, and one of the most vital tourist centers that attract tourists and foreign investors, and Arabs in particular.

Trabzon is very rich in its wonderful tourist areas that many lovers of its beauty may not know, which prompted Deal Real Estate to write this article, to serve as a tourist guide that can be used as a reference for anyone wishing to know more about the charming Trabzon.


Tourist places in Trabzon:

Gülbahar Hatun Türbesi

The construction of the mosque dates back to the era of Sultan Selim I, who was nicknamed as the “Great Sultan”.

Sultan Selim built the mosque southwest of the market in 1514 AD and named it after his mother in her honor.

The mosque is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in which you can see the Ottoman style of architecture and the innovative decorations of that time.




One of the most beautiful tourist places to visit in Trabzon is the charming rural village of Uzungol.

Uzungöl is about 100 km from Trabzon, and it takes about an hour to drive through the green mountain plains.

The most important tourist places in Uzungöl are the natural lake, which is the longest lake in Turkey and is located amidst green forests.

Somala Monastery

Many tourists consider Sumala Monastery the most important tourist place in Trabzon.

The importance of the temple is due to the fact that it was built in the fourteenth century on a steep mountain hill.

The monastery is located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level amidst a dense green forest and tourists can visit it from the inside and see the unique architectural design.


Badistan market

The ancient market of Badistan was built in the sixteenth century by the Ottomans, but it is still in use today.

The market is characterized as one of the covered markets and its surface is decorated with a single dome, and the tourist can find gold, copper and clothing artifacts in it.



Hagia Sophia Museum

Similar to Istanbul’s architectural masterpiece “The Need of Sophia,” Trabzon has a similar miniature version 4 kilometers from the city.

The Hagia Sophia Museum passed through several civilizational stages before it reached its final form. It was initially a Byzantine church, then turned into a mosque and then a museum.


Zaknos Valley

It is a family picnic that operates throughout the day and can be reached by buses. It is close to most of the tourist and archaeological sites.


Arrival in Trabzon


Travel to Trabzon can be done by domestic flights from major cities such as Istanbul or Ankara.

There are also direct flights from some foreign countries such as Germany and Georgia.


There are many bus routes that go from most of the major Turkish cities directly to Trabzon.

private cars

Despite the distance between Trabzon and the main cities in Turkey, some prefer to go with private rented cars to enjoy the scenery all the way.

Internal Transfers

Due to the historical nature of the city and its narrow streets, there is no internal subway station, not even big buses, and transportation is done by taxi.


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